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browniedmissj (profile) wrote,
on 9-29-2008 at 12:55am
Current mood: confused
Subject: In my Brain
When u listen so hard to those love songs and u can't decide if you want to be placed in that old frame of mind

When u think u like someone for a great personality and the interest the two of u share

When u already made a sticky situation about 10 times worse

When despite u being completly content and loved beyond measure when ur in their presence still say to yourself....i can do better

10 times worse when u think about it might really be 50 to 100 times worse

don't be shallow
don't be shallow
look beyond the physical
but i can do better
hes not awful looking
just short
don't rationalize
don't be so cruel

stop pulling him on a thread of hope.....

I can just make things official and see where things go...I mean why not

i could always break it off

going into a relationship with unsure feelings = not so good

thinking about the guy of ur dreams possibly waiting for u and u turning him down

thinking he could be that guy if u give him the chance...
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09-29-08 8:44am

not sure what to say...

we really need to redo our woohus though.

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