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alastar (profile) wrote,
on 10-21-2008 at 1:03am
Music: Saul Williams
Subject: Time
All of mankind grows and falls while seconds pass to centuries
And none of the ones left behind can find the answer to what's meant of these
Temples built in ancient times, lines written in the bible
Ignorance breeds confusion, birthing chaos, war, and squabble
While every turn and twitch of hands marks a moments stark abscission
One man thinks inside his mind with blurry, clouded vision
How many days can possibly reside within this hour?
And all he wants is someone who will praise him for his power
Not to bow or even beg, just simply nod in their agreement
That all his work was not in vain, to bring him closer to the cement
That every picture taken doesn't fade to nonexistence
The lens, the frame, the cameras flash; they serve as his resistance
To forgotten times, dead languages, and man's own great collapse
And so he strives to capture time itself within his photographs
He reflects upon the devastation and thinks that man can now do no worse
But the ticking clocks with twirling hands, their swinging pendulum it lowers
With a razors edge, moving back and forth, it slices time into its portions
While everyone lines up to find their months are now divided
The calendar hangs gutted, pages flip full of distortions
But dates erased can't be replaced no matter where they hide it
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03-09-09 11:42am

Ok, you should totally read at that poetry thing on Wednesday's. Your stuff would fit right in.

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