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skippi16 (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2008 at 1:01am
Current mood: contemplative
there are just so many things in my head. I have decided to be rational about this election, and just vote for nadar. Cause either way its not good and no matter who i vote for someone will disagree.... no one hates nadar right?

I look at it this way...If John gets elected, Good bye ecconomy hello rich getting richer and me gettin poorer and my healthcare can just lfy right out of the window and lets not forget that the man is like 70 and is soon to die so we get what Sara Palin. i dont think so. ... if Barack gets elected hello no more guns and tons of illegals still living off of my money. And lets be honest with ourselves, if he does get elected this country will slowly and SURELY become divided. ( and yes its sad). You all know it because there are still all those bigots out there who because he's black will think on way or another about him and i understand its wrong but i also understand that thinking of that nature still exists and we have to step up to reality and see that its not the time for it. as a country we are not ready for it, we're not mature enough. and thats horribly sad to say and i am some what embarassed that it still goes on but there is only so much i can do about it.

like i said we are F*ed either way and i dont see much improvment in out future....Canada Anyone??? lol

asside from all of that i have an eval coming up and i am not looking forward to it at all. i know i am going to get an ass chewing and i am almost to that point where i dont care...tsh can we just go back to like 7th grade it was all much simpler then
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10-24-08 8:22am

economy is fucked either way, doesn't matter who's in the office.

the rich will always get more rich, unless they are dumb with their money.

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Re:, 10-24-08 8:30am

that is african garb, not muslim if that is what you are trying to imply :)

and it's not that the rich will get richer, it's the fact that mccain will make the middle class poorer, which is something that most of the middle class won't be able to handle

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Re: Re:, 10-24-08 1:25pm

its not a fact, you can't predict the future.

okay obama is wearing an african garb, you didn't even notice that mccain is wearing a navy jump suit, you know, the kind of thing you wear when your in the military, flying missions over vietnam.

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Re: Re: Re:, 10-26-08 5:44am

I'd be quite content with McCain being my President. Since he served 5 years of his active duty in North Vietnam as a POW so he'd know the effects of sending our troops overseas to fight our enemies.

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10-24-08 10:56am

No matter what you think politic wise someone is going to disagree with you. That's why I dont like to discuse politics with anyone but my two closest best friends. I hardly discuss with my family. But I was always raised that Nadar was a waste of a vote. So I think maybe you should just do research, decide what you think is best and then go from there. Dont stress too much about it. It sucks for anyone going into office right now because the economy already sucks and there's already a bunch of pressure on their shoulders so either way, someone's going to fuck shit up I think. But just dont worry too much about it Erin, you'll figure out what you think is best. You got a couple weeks yet. *shrugs*

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Re:, 10-27-08 6:37pm

A great website to go to is It's a great website that sorts the truth out of the lies from both candidates. I wanted to point out to you that racism in this country is and always will be. Yes, it's sad, and rather disgusting. But maybe if Obama is President more people will stand up for what is right. People are going to hate on him for being black, and the Republic scare tactic of him being Muslim and friends with terrorists sticks in everyone's minds. (Which is NOT true, btw) But it takes opposition to make people band together and rise up. As far as McCain goes, being in the Navy and being a POW doesn't justify to me why he'd be a better president. Yes, he may have seen war, what it does, and how it is. My brother in law was blew up by a roadside bomb in Iraq, doesn't mean he should run for President. I'm grateful for the fact that McCain served his country, but I just wanted to point out that it is not very solider-like to brag about what you did or been through.

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