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jayzulla (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2008 at 12:34am
Music: lil wayne - walk it out (chalk it out)
Subject: Life?!?!?!?!??????????
i have tickets to see Clutch on the 31st. Be jealous. i also spent about an hour of my day today think if i would like to start wrestling again. watching the ufc got me thinking about all of that stuff again. it was so much fun and i was actually pretty sweet at it. only thing that sucks is i would definatly have to cut smoking anything wayyyyyyyyyy down, just to get back to my conditioning. i think i could make weight at 155 and that would give me a huge advantage. i just wish i knew of a league that didnt do it at highschools. i loved freestyle but im not about to start travling to high schools every weekend to wrestle.

oh, josh koscheck = pimp. got his most destructive KO in his career tonight, and he has been one of my favorite fighters since i got into UFC.
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12-11-08 2:58am

I will also be attending Clutch that evening

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12-11-08 4:14am

i'm getting a ticket to see clutch when i get paid.

also, there are a few schools that teach MMA fighting around here, why not try that out.

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Re:, 12-13-08 1:10pm

Iv thought about maybe going to go to a training center. I need to cut a lot of weight though. Wrestling is always good for conditioning. Id actualy like to learn muay tai. Get my legs more nimble and be able to kick someone in the face lol. I would join a training center but i dont have the money right now.

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12-11-08 4:05pm

Figured I'd be cool, Brenton and I are also going. Anyways, if you want to ride with, you can. I'll be the DD. And seemings how it's New Years Eve, those cops will be busting some asses. You can meet at the trailer or something. Let me know. Chea.

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