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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2008 at 6:45pm
I think.... that I shouldn't even have a name anymore. No more going by Mandie or Amanda; Just M. That's all I hear anyway, so I'm not even sure I would respond if called by my actual name. =]

But seriously though? I really like change sometimes [hence the reason I'm dying mah hairs as we speak], and maybe switching up the name wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing? Idk. It's probably a ridiculously horrid and dumb idea, but since I'm journaling like a true pro, I'm just going to throw all of my random thought bubbles here =D

STILL a good day, even though for a brief moment in time I thought it was crumbling.

365 days of Sayche is pretty amazing, and I can't wait until we get through an entire year of taking a picture together every single day. I also can't wait until I can FINALLY get my Canon XSi. This airsoft season is going to fucking ROCK because my pictures are going to look so much more amazing =D Hopefully I'll be able to get a better grasp on my photography skills as well as dabble in photoshop a little so I can figure out how to watermark all of my work. I doubt this is ever something I'll be good enough to do professionally, but I absolutely adore it as a hobby right now =D

I'm excited to watch House tonight. And I still hate estrogen infested drama queens =]

But I LOVE mah woohu girl because she's amazing =] That's all.
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12-16-08 7:59pm

Haha, love my homage! And I saw your comment on Samm's woohu, that's why I posted the Prozac bit.
So true, so true.

You dye your hair for change too?! I'm the same way. I've also been known to cut it in drastic increments when life gets too drab.
What color?

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Re:, 12-17-08 5:23am

Well I wanted to go darker since I love having dark hair, especially during the winter... so I got a box that said "Natural Black" thinking that it would darken it to just the right shade of brown, since whenever I try going darker, it just doesn't look dark enough.

The box definitely wasn't kidding when it said "Natural Black." It's black. Haha. It was so drastic, that I actually felt pretty insecure for a bit and was worried people would think that I'm emo or goth or something, and then Pj told me that it makes me look even sassier, so that made me warm up to it quite a bit.

I cut my hair for change too.. This is the shortest I've had it since I was in 4th grade lol. Great minds think alike, imo =]

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