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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2008 at 8:37pm
It was seriously a good day today, and I am going to go to sleep soon content and with a smile on my pretty little face.

Pj is AMAZING and fixed CoD5 for me, so it finally runs without playing like complete trash which has in turn sparked my love/lust for it once again <3 I have missed CoD. A lot. Now I just need to learn all the maps and guns so I don't play like complete ass. I might even slave away to get through the prestige ranks too! Just to be a bad ass.

Wisconsin in... 4 days! [not counting Friday because... well, once I go to bed, it will be Friday for me]. I'm pretty GD excited!

Also... some good news that I completely forgot to post!! It's in regards to a previous entry of mine that I made a couple of months ago:

Amanda, one of the girls I had mentioned, actually wrote me back on FB a few days ago! It was pretty amazing, and I'm really really excited because she wants to hang out when I'm back "home." It's hard when you lose a BFF that you've known since you were 9 :\ Here's to catching up on old times and rekindling the best friendships ever.

Maybe there's still hope for the female species ;]

I also talked to Shawn's lawyer today, and after I get some papers faxed to me, I will have everything signed that needs to be signed. Once it gets closer to our 120 day mark when the real court hearing is that finalizes the divorce, there will be serious face papers to sign that just states what will be split between the two of us as far as debt goes, and lucky for me [no sarcasm] Shawn and I will get to be on a conference call while that is all sorted out. I'm EXTREMELY glad that I'll have a say in all of this and that we'll be able to talk it out calmly and with a mediator if it's needed :] 120 days is a REALLY long time though, and JFC. I want to have some kind of celebration when all is finally said and done. I also feel like I'll finally be able to get on with my life and plan... real life *cough*things*cough* that actually MATTER to me.

I just want to say thanks to the people who have given me words of support and comfort over the last week or so. It's been the roughest ones I've had in quite awhile, and even though we're just woohu friends, it still means a lot. I'm hoping there will be better days to come.
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12-23-08 5:37am

"I might even slave away to get through the prestige ranks too! Just to be a bad ass."

Not to stroke my own ego or anything but *cough* I'm rank 10 *cough*. Count it! Whoop Whoop. Best of luck to you though. :)

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