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alastar (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2008 at 4:32am
Music: Isaac Marion's Moon Colony
Subject: I spit sacrilege through gritted teeth.
I am disconnecting from... reality. From consciousness. From tangibility. From dimensional restraints.

Thread by thread, I am tearing each stitch. Finding solvent for the glue, I pry each nail from its hole. I exhume screws from their cylindrical tombs. I am plucking staples and cutting ropes. I will deracinate the roots that attach me to the ground and degauss the magnets that are holding me down.

I am burning to be released in smoke. My name is Phlogiston.

I am the view from within a raindrop. I am the collision it has with your skin.
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03-09-09 11:40am

I looveee this.

My favorite is the very last line. Well, two lines.

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