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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2009 at 8:09pm
Music: stereophonics
Subject: MLK Day
Today was good day. not as good as a certain MLK day, but good nonetheless. i woke up, went to work, did a great job, came home, worked out WHILE watching One Tree Hill ( i know, GASP i have been working out lately) then (after showering) i painted a little. brad picked me up around 5 and we wandered around in the mall and kohl's and he just left. good day. now i think mark lindsay and I are gonna play board games (shocker!) and then i might paint some more.

The best mlk day ever was when we lived 8302 amd we watched that horrible chick flick nd then when everyone retreated to their rooms (probably to call their boyfriends) ALICIA started bustin' a move to the end credits. when MICHE::E saw how ridiculous she was, a video was made, and we all realized we didn't have class the next day (actual MLK Day) so we all imbibed alchol and dressed up and danced into the wee hours.

I believe that is one of the best memories I have of that whole year.
Some others:
Using the sticky hands on...everything...especially empty milk jugs at late hours
Brian's bunny getting chased by Layla
Watching gilmore Girls w/ Steve and Kate all night then goign to video hits at 6am to get another season
the night we saw Sin City (sorry I know that might now be a fave of yours but lookin back...hilarious!)

I love that it looks like we jizzed all over the apartment because of the sticky hands, and that the guys across the hall would just come hang out, and because of them we didn't lock the door, which led to drunk guy getting tasered in Kate's room. I love the airsoft pellets everywhere, even the washing machine, and our 4 kinds of milk. Even though the majority of the days were spent thinking it sucked in one way or another, some great stuff definetly happened.

i love you miche;;e and he best thing that happened in that apt. was my friendship with you i think...and the muff diving.
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01-19-09 8:46pm


1. I flipped out when I saw an Alicia-Woohu.
2. That was the greatest thing to read ever.

I totally forgot about the milk jugs outside of Kate's room and us laughing our asses off while throwing sticky hands at them. And the jizz stains. I miss Layla a lot. Video Hits was totally pimp. I still think about the taser guy. I have a woohu somewhere about it.

You've been working out???! WTF! I took you to play racquetball one time and I thought you were gonna die because you said you hated any kind of physical activity. Where is my lazy Alicia!!

This entry was totally boss. Thank you. I love you. It sucks I can't come home much right now. Get your ass to NY and get retarded with me. :)

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01-19-09 8:48pm


and remember that time you were diddling with that guy on my futon and I got mad at you??


slut :-D

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Re:, 01-19-09 8:54pm

as i recall nothing much happened, woth me...he went in Kate's room and they got it on...besides, do we want to really go?...

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