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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2009 at 4:52pm
Music: strays don't sleep
Subject: this week
this was a pretty good week, i worked everyday, not as muc as i need to but enough to get by for now. last niht i made the most delish dinner of stuffed mushrooms, smashed potatoes, and flank steak pinwheels. brad came over for friday night dinner too and then we thee watched forbidden kingdom...not a great movie, but entertaining.

i watched tin man this week too, I forgot how good it was. it is a miniseries reimagination of the wizard of oz that the scifi channel did last year, and they replayed it on the slueth channel this week.

i feel very restless today, i am gonna go work out to see if that will help. i am trying really hard not to call brad because i know that i shouldn't. i played 3 games of settlers, read a whole book, and am doing laundry to keep from doning it. I just think it is best if i dont get to dependent on him to keep me occupied. or get too cling or needy or annoying. also we are going to my kohls holiday party tomarrow, so 2 out of 3 days this weekend aren't bad. maybe i will paint...

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01-24-09 7:21pm

holy woohu fest. after years of such sporadic use, my heart can't handle this. ;)

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01-24-09 7:27pm

so i just went to your woohu
your font is SO SMALL

how do you stand that? O_o

and now i have managed to comment four times on your three woohus.
i look like a creeper.

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Re:, 01-24-09 10:49pm

you can creep on me anytime

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