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skippi16 (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2009 at 2:37pm
Subject: life has many changes
so, after just a short 6 months or being married im already pregnant! that sounded bad but its really not. We honestly didnt want to be pregnant yet but im soooo happy its crazy. i prayed all night that god will give me strength and i feel that this is right. its all nuts and crazy and i dont make any sense right now but who the hell cares!

in other news TACO HELL isnt really that bad i just have to deal with alot of redneck fuckers who are horrible racist and sexist. and the sadest part is my boss is in on it. but i plan to change all of that or at least try my hardest.
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02-13-09 6:02pm

Aww! Congrats!! I'm so happy for the both of you!! =) You guys better have a girl dang it because everyone I know is having boys and Brody needs a girlfriend! OR You better have a boy so Brody has an awesome friend! Either way, I'm happy and super stoked!! Yay! for babies!! =)

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Re:, 02-13-09 11:32pm

yeah yay fior babies

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02-14-09 3:52am

Congratulations! It better be a girl because girls are better, and plus then she can be beautiful like her momma!

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02-14-09 11:03am

Congrats Erin. Good luck with the job situation also.

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02-14-09 1:34pm

congrats erin, i might stop by in a week or two, we'll be driving right by auburn on our way to alabama

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