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.j.e.s.s. (profile) wrote,
on 3-18-2009 at 10:48am
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so i forgot to write this yesterday... i had another dress fitting appointment yesterday and she changed a lot to my dress ... like a lot of things needed to be doen because i was having the whole back of it changed to like a lace up back instead of the just plain zipper and anyway she got the whole back of the dress done and it is GORGEOUS!! i was so happy. it is so flattering now and i just love it. i can't believe how good the back looks, i was so worried that i wouldn't like it. and then she is changing the sash on the front and she picked out a really pretty champagne color for it, it's gonna look so pretty. and i am so happy my mom is coming into town next week and she will get to see the dress. actually, it worked out perfect because i'm going to get a practice run done on my hair and make up as well an then right after that we are gonna go try on the dress so she can see it and the sash and bust area will be finsiehd by then so i can actually get a good idea of how everything will look.

yeah after seeing the dress yetserday i was in such a good mood. i love the lady that did my alterations, she is the sweetest lady ever. ahh so i'm so happy and so excited for my mom to come up and we can actually get a bunch of stuff done. oh and dottie has a friend who custom makes veils so i am going to look at some on thursday and probably get one custom done to match my dress which is awesome and they aren't expensive, actually less than average cost. it would just be neat to have one that matched all the beading on my dress.

and then stef has my shower scheduled for the 25th i believe so that is exciting as well because everything is coming up so quickly!!! ahh i am just very very happy.

jess is now in the wedding which is awesome, i'm so glad she accepted and wants to be a part of it. all my bridesmaids are going to be so pretty in their dresses that i love. i cant wait to get ready together and be all nervous for that first time that i see roman in the church. ahhhhh

okay i am getting wedding fever and being too mushy so i'll just leave it at that but i just couldn't help it- after seeing my dress it got me so excited. i just am so glad i'm marrying roman!
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03-18-09 8:46pm

i think i'm going to make an appointment for davids bridal next week wednesday, hopefully it'll work out and i can get in :)

glad you're happy w/ your dress!! can't wait to see it!

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