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chelthesmell (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2009 at 12:40am
Current mood: StOcKeD!!!
Subject: These weekends just keep getting better and better!
Well Thursday I will be working for the day and the same during the day on friday but I'm not too upset about that because I never work and I need money motha fucka! lol. (I've been hanging out with Jessica too much...) Then Friday night my neice Kylie is going to spend the night with us and that's always a trip. Then Saturday AJ is changing oil on cars, then I'm going to Mindy's to give her her present, and I'll probably stay to party! I'm excited about that one! Then, FINALLY (!), Sunday night we're going to the Far From Finished, Flatfoot 56, and 10 Second March concert!!! Yay! Two other bands are going to be there but we've never heard of them so whatever...But the tickets were only 9 bucks a piece and 3 really kickass bands will be there! I'm super excited! I cant wait. So pretty much my weekend will consist manly of getting drunk and rocking out...! =)
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03-26-09 8:00am

Always good times!

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03-26-09 11:43am

Umm.. I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as hanging out with me me too much, Mothah Fuckah! I'm excited that you'll be at Mindy's! I wont be able to get there until I get out of work, but I'll prolly be there to make a fool of myself. :) That's a pretty sweet deal for those tickets! Oh, and have fun with Kylie! lol. She's crazy!

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Re:, 03-26-09 11:29pm

You're going to be there!?!
You better be motha fuckaaa!

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