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.j.e.s.s. (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2009 at 5:52pm
so today roxy got into my purse which had a chocolate bar in it from last night when we went to the movies and i bought one! it was opened cuz i didn't finish it and i was hanging up clothes in my room when i came out she was chowing down on the chocolate. I went to take it from her and she about bit my hand off and started growling I had to basicallty throw her across the dang room to get it away from her. but all in all she probably ate a total of an ounce or so but so i call the vet and they tell me that even though that's not much, it could be lethal to her beacuse she is so small (only 6.2 lbs. - shes a chihuahua) and so i freak out and they tell me i have to go buy hydrogen peroxide to induce vomitting. so i'm like bawling my eyes out thinking WHAT IF she dies and i rush to the dollar store and buy some and then i have to do soemthing i wish i never had to do and seriously pour this "poison" down her throat-- okay i know it's not poison but who wants to give hydrogen peroxide to their baby and MAKE them vomit???? so i had to lock her and i in the kitchen and Paris, my other dog, is just looking at us like what the heck is going on? and i'm just sitting there waiting for her to get sick and crying my eyes out saying "I'm so sorry baby i'm so sorry" she finally starts vomitting after about 4 minutes of just being unsuspecting and looking at me like "why did you give me that gross stuff mommy?" and then all of sudden its like oh yeah because you're trying to kill me!!! and she starts puking all in all like 5 times! and she is so tiny so its so hard to watch her walking around wondering why she's throwing up... wondering what is going on whats happening to her... shes probably did not understand at all because shes i think puked maybe once before and hardly at all. and this puking was a LOT for this tiny little creature. but luckily she barfed it pretty much all up but then i called the vet to see what to do next cuz i was still really worried and she told me to keep on eye on her (obviously) and her heartrate so then i'm sitting there trying to count her heart beats per mminute which is hard when its hard to even feel it and then she keeps moving and so i just let her sleep and then a few minutes later i pick her up and it seems like her heart is beating so fast which there was no reason for that since she was sleeping and so then i start to worry again and this whole time i've been googling on the situation and so that is panicking me even more and so i call the animal hospital by my hosue and ask if i can just bring her in and they say yes and long story short they said shes fine just keep an eye on her and i have to give her special bland food- and not feed her til late tonight cuz she needs to make sure all the chocholoate is out so thats pretty much it but ughghghg my baby i'm just glad shes ok!
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05-01-09 9:42pm

Oooohh Jess! :(

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05-02-09 12:21am

don't worry jess, we've had to make Ozzy barf before with hydrogen peroxide because he ate some of my moms pills!! he puked his guts out and felt ucky for a little bit but he's perfectly fine. it's better for the chocolate to be out than in!

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05-02-09 11:29am

Ohh no! I know how scary that is! I can tell you're not just an animal lover, but you're really and truly a dog person. And I am too. I feel like my dogs are family, totally family, and I treat them that way. I feel the same emotions about them as you do for your dogs, I would have been hysterical too thinking what if she dies?

Thank goodness she's alright! :)

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Re:, 05-02-09 9:20pm

thanks everyone! i really do love my puppies. they are so sweet and amazing. :0)

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