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chelthesmell (profile) wrote,
on 7-17-2009 at 6:57pm
Current mood: amused
Subject: Douche of the year, strikes again...!
I love how when someone doesn't want anything to do with you, they delete you from everything, woohu, myspace, facebook, etc. But then when you comment on a friends post that they are also friends with, they feel like they just haaaaaavvvvveee to be a dick to you...

It's funny to me really.
God, get a life...
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07-17-09 7:32pm

Yeah, well you know I'm just waiting for him to post some trashy little photoshoped picture of one of my friends because I'm a total Pimp at photoshop and he ain't got shit on this.

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Re:, 07-17-09 8:27pm

Haha!!! You ARE a photoshop pimp and NOONE has shit on you!!

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