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sweetyas (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2009 at 4:06pm
Music: Don't Worry Be Happy
Subject: I hate the 9th grade...
These kids are brats!!! UGHHHH!!! I am so upset! I absolutely hated this class! They were so disrespectful and obnoxious!

I understand that their oral english class is the blow off class, but I will not let you walk all over me. If it means that these kids will only say sentences all semester so be it. I have no reason to be nice to these brats if they will not be respectful to me.

And now I will have go deal with Rob. He is a nice guy: white about thirty, not particularily attractive or otherwise. But we got into some deep deep discussions and I think he is likes me now. I do not feel like dealing with some middle-aged man thinking that I am interested or that he even has a chance. I enjoy his company but absolutely no other feelings towards him. I was very specific with my opinion several times but still I dont think he understands. When someone thinks they are a hot shot, they think they are a hot shot! Ugh, its terrible. Because all the fogein teachers here are middle-aged men. Not fun! Although, most of them have chinese wives.

I really have been enjoying my time in China. Like a lot!!! Its really an exciting adventure but this class just hit the wrong nerve. I mean honestly, really on the first day of class act this disrespectfully. Really it is their loss, not mine. I can just change the lesson as needed and they will never learn, it will effect their grades/future not mine.

China is great! The people (other than the 9th grade) are great and very kind.

But, really those lil kids are brats!!
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10-29-09 12:29am

Now that I know you're updating, I'm totally checking this all the time!

And I miss you. :I

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