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angel_bob (profile) wrote,
on 10-5-2009 at 2:59am
Music: When Water Comes to Life by Cloud Cult
Subject: Monroe Center
I'm pretty sure the people across the street have seen my butt.

Multiple times.

As it runs from bathroom to bedroom and from bedroom to bathroom.

Who's across the street you ask?

Oh, you know, just some condos above the sushi restaurant.

And the Grand Rapids Police Department.

No biggie.
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10-05-09 10:25am

Well, from what I can gather, the cop life can often be boring, so consider what you are doing a public service. :-)

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10-05-09 11:00am


That's one of the only reasons I'd want to live in a big city. :P

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10-05-09 11:08am

So uhm... Where exactly do you live again...?

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10-05-09 8:01pm

I'd hit it.

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Re: , 10-05-09 8:15pm

more of this

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10-09-09 7:18am

LOL great! im pretty sure my neighbors have seen my butt as well. no biggie.

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02-14-10 8:26pm

Lol. I always forget to close my blinds and get dressed in front of my closet, which also happens to be in front of the window that faces my neighbours house. I've just stopped caring, really.

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