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squallet (profile) wrote,
on 12-4-2009 at 4:55am
Current mood: nerdy
Music: "Lasting" from RuneScape xD
Subject: You know what?
I don't blog much anymore. o.o It kind of sucks. But at the same time I have to think to myself, "Hey, it's because you have a life outside of your apartment now."

I suppose that's cool. xD

At the same time, I wish I had more interesting things to write about. Every day is pretty much the same. Wake up, see Mike, go home, sleep. Repeat. Nothing wrong with seeing Mike all the time. I love spending time with him! But at the same time, I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back to school in January! That and I really hope I can find a part-time job sometime too. Having some spare cash would be great until I get my associate's. Then I can worry about getting a better full-time job or figuring out where to continue my education from there.

BUT, until classes start in January, there's nothing much to do except to enjoy my free time with Mike. <3
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01-04-10 5:50am

I can't believe you're excited about classes starting. I'm the opposite of excited. Seriously. Eff that noise. >.>'

You know, you could make life more interesting by coming to texas to see me. *nod*

I miss you, Sis.


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