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skife (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2009 at 10:31am
woke up scared to death at 5am or so.

had this weird dream, i was hanging out in this housing development with kelli and jordan, and then i remember jordan's mom called, so i got into an old ford bronco and went to pick her up or something and then this henry guy called and he called all night, telling me things about myself freaking me out, then he said he'd be there in 20 minutes. i really didn't want to stick around to see who this guy was because i thought he was going to kill me, then while i was driving my truck got sucked backwards and kind of spun twards a tree and my door flew open and i flew out and face first right twards a tree. i remember the tree vividly.
the next thing i remember is seeing a bunch of white letters on a black background in a weird font. i was speaking gibberish and then i woke up.

about an hour later jordan woke me up saying i was talking gibberish while sleeping.

i hate dieing in dreams, it freaks me out.
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12-17-09 12:43am

I had a dream last night that a group of people probably terrorist's or something held me you and some other friends at gun point and cut off my left arm. later in the dream as i recovered and we were preparing to hunt them down i remember i was mostly upset that i could no longer work on cars let alone drive anything that was a stick and i was sick that there was no way i could race cars again. I remember yelling at you about not taking my arm and putting it on ice after they left so i could get it re attached. it was a pretty fucked up dream to say the least.

looking back.. i could drive the hell out of a race car without my lefty.. i just wouldn't be able to jerk off with it and thats very disappointing to think about.

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12-17-09 9:50pm

I'm sorry I wouldn't REALLY wake up to listen. I felt like a bad girlfriend the next day when I remembered you waking me out of a nightmare, and turning on the light, and LISTENING for like 20 minutes, then rubbing my back til I fell back asleep. Oh, those were the days, huh?

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12-17-09 11:15pm

dreams are boring, tell me about what you've done in real life

you die in a dream, well that means you're still alive

walk it off, drink some water and rub some dirt on it

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