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squallet (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2010 at 2:04am
Current mood: sad
Music: "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus
Subject: BLARGH!!1!!1 D:
Apparently that's what my forehead wanted to say. o.o

There have been very few people in this world that I've missed so much. No boyfriend or ex-boyfriend or love interest of any kind has ever weighed on my mind this much.

It's so infuriating... in such a way that it makes me want to cry! Why did I have to go and break everything? God, I've beat myself up over this for years.

If only I could go back, I'd do it all differently. I wouldn't be so chicken-shit and just sit there and let it all fall apart. What the hell was I so afraid of anyway?

But now I've waited too long. I've probably lost one of the best friends I've ever had for good. Damn, I'd do anything to get her back.

Gahhh, how the hell does one end up crying and posting on Woohu when she should be in bed?! O.O

Fuck... Math class early in the morning... >.>'
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01-26-10 10:33am

Wait. Wtf? This was yesterday. Who are you talking about?! What's going on?

Is it your sister? Damnit, I'm just trying to throw some stuff out there.

Anyways, don't feel too bad about the crying and posting thing. People do it all the time. I do it. That's what a journal is for. <3

I love you sis. You can always call if you need anything. You know that, right?


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