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mbenznut (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2010 at 9:16pm
Hydrogen bomb. Time travel. Satan. Smoke Monster. Death by impaling. Body switching. Gunshot. Gunshot. Magic sand. Alternate universe. More Satan. Magic water. Resurrection. Satan.
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02-03-10 10:26pm

Pretty much. Except for the Satan stuff. Didn't really see that.

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Re: , 02-03-10 10:26pm

Haven't actually seen the show since Gull Prairie, just saw that on somebody's blog.

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Re: , 02-04-10 6:40pm

He means the anti-Jacob.

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Re: Re: , 02-06-10 10:12am

Now I'm lost.

I'm team Jacob, at least for the movies. In the books I'm team Edward. :-)

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