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gillette (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2010 at 12:01am
today was valentines day. i was worried it would be horrible, but it really was wonderful. i was with the one i'm falling for until 8am this morning :) we went out to eat and watched a movie together and slept close all night long and i don't even care that he snored the entire time. i didn't hear from him today at all though. i know he had his child until 7 and probably crashed after that. i don't know, but he's making me crazy in a good and bad way.

jake stopped by this afternoon. we switched back belongings. it was hard to see him go- in fact it's making me cry now. he still treats me like a princess and wiped away my tears when i cried.

the night ended being kissed by someone i didn't really want to be kissed by.

i'm not sure i want to remember this day.
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02-17-10 12:14am

valentines day = Lame-O

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02-18-10 8:15am

It's okay, Jess. I was in rehearsal all day. Literally. It's just a Hallmark Holiday! <3

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