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angel_bob (profile) wrote,
on 6-7-2010 at 1:24am
Nick's grandfather had a heart attack on Saturday and had a smaller one (without knowing it) earlier last week.

He's in the ICU with very low blood pressure and a very low pulse. He was going to have surgery tomorrow but his blood pressure is still very low and the blood thinners haven't left his system yet.

He's in the hospital up in Cadillac. As long as the surgery goes well, we will be visiting him later this week. Luckily, Nick and I both have some days off already scheduled (for our anniversary but whatever, family is first).

Happy thoughts would be welcome.

Love you kids.
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06-07-10 8:32am

I already told Nick, but I'm telling you too, If you visit let me know. I'd like to ride up with you and see him. I think I can get Carole and Christi to let Pepper out while I'm gone, Carole's in love with her.

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06-07-10 11:30pm

My dad had a heart attack and surgery earlier this year. Definitely nerve-wracking. Hope everything turns out OK.

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06-09-10 3:57pm


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06-09-10 10:45pm


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