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banana (profile) wrote,
on 2-18-2011 at 9:42am
Current mood: good
Subject: Pieces of Muffin
There are pieces of muffin in my coffee this morning.

There is something that I have come to realize after reading my past posts from high school.
#1: I was immature.
#2: I was boy crazy.
#3: I was selfish.
I wish someone would have been up front and honest with me about my actions. Even though I pulled good grades all throughout high school, you can definitely tell I did not care about such things. This really surprises me because I did really well in high school. If I weren't actually trying my hardest, think of how well I COULD have done.

Looking at my life right now, I know that if I tried to take on one more thing, I probably wouldn't be able to function correctly. I know my limits for what I can take on and still get accomplished. It seems like in high school, I didn't even try those limits. If I weren't so concerned about boys and what other people thought of me, I might have actually had more friends.

Four years later, I can tell I am very different from the person I was at Cedar Springs High School. My mentor thinks I have no confidence now, he should have seen me back then. I personally think that I have come a long way out of my shell. Boys aren't that important to me anymore because I know that it is my choice to have a boyfriend or not. It is not up to those silly boys and whether they like me. It is up to me what I want from life and what I will get out of life.

If I weren't so focused on other things, I might still be friends with more than two people from high school. I feel like I am that girl you run into from high school that you know, but you remember not really liking all that much.

There are some things that you must do but there are many more that you choose to do. I am not going to use the excuse that I am too busy anymore. I am going to make time to see everyone before I move out of the country. If I don't stop to smell the roses once in a while, I might only get pricked riding by.
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