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oceanchild (profile) wrote,
on 10-7-2011 at 8:23am
I think it's time to find a new therapist. The only benefit I'm getting from this one is the prescription, and she's just the go-between on that one anyway. I tell her things and she just stares at me. Doesn't respond. Just stares. It's extremely uncomfortable and I don't know what she wants from me. To eat my brains?

In happier news, I went to a Blink-182 concert, and it was FUCKING AWESOME. I danced my ass off, screamed myself hoarse, and nearly got hit in the face by a flying pair of pants. It was an incredible rush, and the next day I felt tired in a good, worn-out way and not a depressed, hopeless way...first time in months.
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10-07-11 2:27pm

Mmmm... braaaaaiiiins...

Super jealous. I have always wanted to see them live. Missed my opportunity when I had school instead :(

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Re: , 10-07-11 2:27pm

But that's totally awesome!!!!! I love me some concerts. :3

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