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:: 2018 4 June :: 4.46 pm

After I take care of the few commitments I made this week, I'm going to take a social break for a while. My last two weeks have been a little crazy. I am overwhelmed with love, confusion, irritation, and then whatever "idgaf" would be as a feeling - pertaining to plenty of individuals. Many highs with some lows, but overall, bona fide positivity is rushing through my soul. Good feels all around.

And now, for sleep. All the sleep. u.u zzz


:: 2018 30 May :: 6.30 pm

My choices have been very stupid. I have no idea what to do with my life now.


:: 2018 19 May :: 10.43 pm

It's a get-fucked-up kinda night.


:: 2018 16 March :: 2.38 pm

If I stay with this momentum, I should be at goal weight by September's end.


:: 2018 15 March :: 11.59 am

Processing all of this is going to take me a long time.


:: 2018 11 March :: 9.26 pm

I always feel out of place. I never feel like I fit in. It doesn't matter where I am or who I'm with. I'm always wearing a mask. I can't be myself ever. One thing or another comes up that makes it clear that I was never really welcome at all.

And almost everyone I open myself up to, at some point, stops caring.

I'll never be okay.


:: 2018 11 March :: 12.49 am

Loneliness should wear off... right? ...At some point?


:: 2018 2 March :: 11.00 pm

Every time I hang out with him, I regret it. Every. Time.



:: 2018 2 March :: 8.24 am

Anime was ruined for me by the community. So was rock/emo/pop punk music.

Why do people have to be such dicks?


:: 2018 23 February :: 10.17 pm

I have fucking awesome friends.

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