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:: 2019 20 October :: 10.29pm
:: Mood: disappointed

The number one thing to do on my list is getting my tattoo fixed. I really need to see a skin doctor. I made a huge mistake by not consulting anyone about getting it removed after ten days. I wanted to make my own decision and it was the worst decision I have ever made.

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:: 2019 20 October :: 1.31am
:: Mood: bored

I'm finally able to blog freely without having to feel afraid of someone hovering over my shoulder and also not having to clear the history anymore.

I used to feel guilty about having a secret blog that my family doesn't know about. I'm separated from my two family members for good. They're not visiting and I will never see them again because they claim I'm disobedient. They want to know about my personal life and what social media websites I use. It's my personal life. I only tell the people I feel close to. I no longer have to worry about that because I'm not living with them anymore.

I have several blogs, but most entries here.

I always think about death because my mental health problem makes me dizzy. I always try to cure it by eating some sweet drinks and eating more. I never used to have this problem.

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:: 2019 3 October :: 10.12am

I've been replaced by a slut with a tongue ring

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:: 2019 25 September :: 11.00am

thank God thank God is everyone OK????
I missed my depressed internet family

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:: 2019 20 August :: 8.29pm

We shall be known by the company we keep
By the ones who circle round to tend these fires
We shall be known by the ones who sow and reap
The seeds of change, alive from deep within the earth

It is time now, it is time for us to thrive
It is time to lead ourselves into the well
It is time now, and what a time to be alive
In this Great Turning, we shall learn to lead in love
In this Great Turning, we shall learn to lead in love

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:: 2019 10 July :: 10.09am

Woohu drinking game
Search by Random Journal. Here are the rules:

- any journal with the last public post dated 2004 or earlier: take a drink

- any journal on the default style settings (dark green background, tan table) : take a drink

- any journal that just says: "[username] has not posted any entries in this journal yet!" : take a drink

- any journal you stumble on that belongs to an ex or old friend you used to know in real life: finish your drink

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:: 2019 29 April :: 9.23am

Anybody want a Tarot reading? I'm looking for practice opportunities!

DM me @: eucalyptist_at_gmail.com

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:: 2019 22 April :: 3.26pm

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:: 2019 22 April :: 2.28pm
:: Mood: content

It somehow managed to get better, in spite of hardship and tragedy and my bumbling incompetence.


How rude of me, I forgot to ask how you guys are doing; how are you guys doing? All is well, I hope.

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:: 2019 17 April :: 7.03pm
:: Mood: bouncy

I'm on a roll today o_o
Hello adoring public friends random people on the interwebs! I hope the day finds you of strong and sturdy health. Or... something like that? xD

I come to you today with news. News? No, not really. I've stepped back into my woohu shoes just to bring the world an update of my life. I could make like all the cool kids now-a-days and just post about it on Snapchat I suppose... but come on, you know as well as I do that that just ain't how Squallet flies. ;3

Also, update. Apparently Squallet flies! o:

So! As I was saying! *blows dust off the corners of the page* (Psst! I'm about to say that not much has changed... but don't be bamboozled! I'm one tricky fox! D:) Not much has changed! ;)

First and foremost, some crazy man has finally made an honest woman of me... pfft... honest woman. xD But in all seriousness, yush. Through all the sleepless nights and craziness of planning, we had our dream wedding, and it was absolutely perfect! ♥

People were telling us for weeks how much fun they had, and really, that was my biggest hope for it. That and, you know, hoping I didn't break an ankle in my heels. I came close, but I chose instead to interrupt the entire ceremony to remove the shoes. And dear gods, how many people told me that was their favorite part... xD

Long story short! I know that the wedding is supposed to be about my partner and me and celebrating our love, but both of us aren't big on being the center of attention, and really, we just wanted to have one big, awesome, fun party with our loved ones! :3

I'M GETTING PULLED AWAY, ONOES!!! Oh well, food beckons. I shall return to finish! ... Later... xD Until then, keep it rocking!

EDIT: I never made it back to update. Oops. XD


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