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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 1-2-2012 at 11:45am
2012 bucket list:

[] get a new job
[] quit outback
[] get a real phone
[] get a new car
[] have more than 5000 in an untouchable account, preferably one with high returns
[] break that 6 month relationship mark that seems to constantly elude me
[] don't stab anyone
[] work out more
[] Go back to MI to visit
[] Get a credit card
[] Go to a wizards, capitals, and nationals game (not redskins, the suck and it's impossible to get tickets)
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01-02-12 12:38pm

where do you hang your hat these days kevin?

i'm going to guess washington based on the wizards capitals and nationals

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01-02-12 7:26pm

Not stabbing anyone is a good goal. I think I will add that to my list as well...

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