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cherrytwiggy (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2012 at 8:59pm
I dont understand how I'm supposed to have any sort of life when David cant sleep while I'm not here. He blames the dogs, but he wears ear plugs when he sleeps... and he could just shut the bedroom door too. I dont like feeling guilty for leaving the house. Too bad for him, I have a vet appt tomorrow, plans to go out saturday, and then plans with two different people next week :l
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02-03-12 1:03am

He's a big boy.
I hate when they act like the house is going to fall apart if we're not home.
Don't feel guilty for having a life, things to do, or errands to run. He will find a way to survive.

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02-07-12 11:27pm

Wow. Jares is the opposite. The only thing he needs to sleep... is the door shut and the shades pulled. I can vacuum... do whatever..leave and come back before he even notices. But...that leaving part was when I actually was able to leave my house.

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