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rayray (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2012 at 8:28pm
I will no longer have a relationship with my mother.
I have had all I can take.
Apparently I am the only one of her kids who didn't turn out..

Fuck her. She can't even come over to see her granddaughter. She drops Reagan's gifts off at my sisters, and sends me a text telling me i can go pick them up. Really? That's fucking ridiculous.

I have turned out better than I should have considering she was my influence.

I am DONE!

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02-20-12 12:22am

I really dont see how you can be SO horrible. From what I hear and read, you are working hard at being a mom, a "wife" (I know I know), and a student..... and you care about your little girl so much. That is what is important. I have a feeling she is more jealous than anything. My mom has spurts... and I just stop talking to her all together when it happens. You cant pick your family, but you sure as hell can pick what family you associate with. Hang in there. Tell her to eat shit. Get yourself a mtn dew.

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Re: , 02-20-12 8:13am

Our relationship has never been the best. But she doesn't say this stuff to my face. She tells other people (my family ) and then gets pissed off when I find out. And when I confront her, she turns it around on me and tries to make me feel sorry for her and guilt me into shit. Since our big blowout last year she has come over twice. Twice in a year isn't exactly making an effort to show that you love your daughter and grandchild.

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Re: Re: , 02-20-12 9:23am

I don't blame you for shutting her out. I have a specific family member that I wouldn't associate with if I had the choice. Unfortunately I don't right now, but eventually... That is likely to be my choice.

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02-20-12 2:13pm

Since I've known you, your mom has never treated you like she was a loving mother. I am behind you for your decision and support you completely.
I think you turned out awesome! You are a wonderful mom and do all you can for your family.
Love you and always here for you hun. =)

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02-21-12 11:31pm

My mother and I haven't had one for years if I wasn't near the top of her priority list I didn't want to be on it at all. It sucks but just remember that friends are the family you choose for yourself

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03-03-12 8:27am

It seems like a lot of people don't like their mother's....

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