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eddy (profile) wrote,
on 3-3-2012 at 1:23am
Holy shit, woohu. How ya been?!

Going through some friends' posts. Really wish woohu had a 'like' button, and also disappointed with myself for being that ingrained with facebook.

I feel like I had more to add here....perhaps not. I'm terrible with updates, even on facebook people post pointless little trivial updates sometimes every minute, and I can't seem to post one update to even sum up my week. But from what I hear people prefer that? Nah, people talk shit but they know they love the facebook. I think they shoulda kept the 'the'.

And now I'm just rambling because it's almost 3 am and I shouldn't be conscious right now. So I will stop.


Night. =]
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03-05-12 9:33pm

Gee, thanks for updated with nothing important about your life! :P Actually nothing about your life at all besides that you stay up too late, haha.

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Re: , 06-18-12 6:03pm

Oh you're very welcome! Haha

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11-15-12 5:55pm

I like your blog :3

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06-17-17 6:37pm

Hi. I'm always awake at odd hours of the night/morning. :-p It's mostly a drug interaction. I take reply to this)