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cherrytwiggy (profile) wrote,
on 9-30-2012 at 12:32am
Having a child that starts teething at 2 months is a punishment that should be saved for the extremely wicked. I can deal with crying, and drooling, and the general hatred of everything, but man I definitely appreciate it more when she smiles and laughs now. I'm working on being a better wife. I know we're not "married" but I think I can also speak for David here when I say we've considered ourselves married for a few years now. He wears a ring also. When I complain about being broke, it has nothing to do with David. He is a great provider, we have everything we need, we just no longer have money for "fun" like really nice phones, or going to the bar, or out to eat to real places etc. On another note, people are really grinding my gears. I'm not sure certain people know how crass and rude they sound with every single thing they say..... Maybe I just take things the wrong way. Hard to know.
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09-30-12 4:26am

"That grinds my gears! "

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