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chuchitaaa (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2013 at 2:02am
Current mood: anxious
Music: slowjams & black ops2
Subject: updating on life.
well, i'm officially a "high risk" pregnancy . because of the intermittent bleeding and glucose intolerance. but, now that i see a high risk doctor every week - my baby has stopped playing with my placenta & hurting me lol. i guess she just wanted the extra attention lol. i'm 34 weeks, and so ready for her to pop out and come home already. my regular OBGYN thinks she's going to be chunky & that i'll have a problem with shoulder dystocia (where their shoulder gets stuck behind the pubic bone during delivery) so i think he's pushing for a c-section at 38 weeks. my high risk doctor thinks she's going to be small so he wants me to eat anything and everything i want. 2 doc's & they don't agree on ANYTHING lol. but luckily she seems as though she's healthy & happy. so when she's ready to make her appearance she will :D
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09-21-13 8:23pm

I expect pictures!

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Re: , 09-26-13 1:32am

definitely :)

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