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spud (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2003 at 9:30pm
Current mood: chiefly british
Music: incubus - just a phase
well. it has been awhile. if i were more lively, i might have a go at a food adventure, but i'll postpone yet again. maybe i could write an extended one on paper, and then type it up. like a progressive work, you know? yeah. so. how 'bout them red wings?


feeble conversation starters.

i want to do one of those intellectual inventories, speculating on human nature and psychological functions, but i'm too tired.

and i do enough of those already.

i was thinking about doing some free associating. but that's more fun to do in person during conversations.

so yeah. i don't know.
i wanted to write a song too. like my own song. with guitar and piano and drums and shit.

and then i thought about it, and the work that it entailed. i concluded it better to take a pass until a more suitable opportunity arose.

so. that's me, in a nutshell, for now.

"no, this is me in a nutshell: 'help i'm in a nutshell'....."

blardy blahdy bloo

yeah. time for me to go read some more, or maybe just go to bed.

maybe play guitar.

mom says i have to stop jacking off in the shower.
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03-20-03 3:36pm

hahahaha i say...........GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!! lol

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03-21-03 7:14pm

just to let ya know them redwings kick major ass. stanley cup here we come

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Re:, 03-23-03 9:55pm

i don't know. they do kick ass. but this year has a kind of weird vibe. not bad, just weird. so i don't know. they still kick ass, but i don't know about a run at the cup. it's possible.

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