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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 4-2-2003 at 9:35pm
Current mood: thirsty
Music: Coldplay- Yellow
Alright. The game plan. I have until MONDAY to ask Charlie to be my date to banquet. If I havent asked by then, I'm asking Bobby or Nic or one of my other friends because they're so much easier to get a hold of! GOD HE'S SO BUSY!!! I didnt even get to talk to him at all today! I didnt even see him! So yes. That's that, its settled!!

Or maybe I'll get Izzy to ask him for me...and she would. She's just that way. Maybe I'll ask her sometime. I mean, she sees him more than I do, I'm sure of that.

So yes. Maria is not allowed to quit choir. In her journal she was talking about how Mr. Rives was being a jackass and yelling at her. Its not her fault she's sick!! Gr that just made me mad.

So yeah. I dont have anything else to say, I dont think? And if I do, I'll just say it some other time. Later!

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