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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2003 at 7:31pm
Subject: What?...
I dropped out...Woe is me.
I wonder if the things that run through the heads of all the droppers is the same. Where do I go?, what do I do?, who will I be.
Or their completely apethetic and don't care.
All three of my families are in the process of moving. I have no idea how it happens. Everything seems to be synchronized when it comes to family.

...Anyway, I guess yesterday was the last time I'll see a lot of people. So, goodbye. If you don't know how to get a hold of me. Then you probably didn't know me good enough.
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05-09-03 10:40pm

hey man.

sorry i wasn't in school to say goodbye.

but i do have your number.

and my car should be at my disposal shortly. i took it out tonight. so maybe i could come visit you. take you for a ride.

so yeah. i'll just tell mom i'm gonna bum a smoke from my dropout friend.

she should be speechless.

but no. i'm home this weekend, but may be busy.

if you want sometime, even this summer, my number's 696-8482.

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Re:, 05-10-03 12:36am

I don't have long distance from where I'm at. But, if you want to call me.

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05-10-03 9:46am


best of luck.


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