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orfwASHERE (profile) wrote,
on 5-15-2003 at 10:23pm
Current mood: chill
Music: Sublime
Subject: "Is it because, we got the 89 vision?...."

I'm gonna steal a line from Dave.
Spanish River Band concert = teh sux0r
yea... we didn't do so hot, but a buncha people were telling me that my solo was awesome, but in all truth, I thought it sucked. It may have been good, but it wasn't like "wow, A.J.'s rockin out" good. nothing compared to sellout. I think people were just happy that it wasn't Lauren Robbins playing a long booring solo again. heh

So I was invited to go chill with the seniors afterwards, which was weird, because I barely know any of them. Wish I could have. oh well. Actually, wait. I wish I coulda went to the ATL band concert. That would have been more fun. I miss my jazz band. ::sniff::

Theres a brand new Forest Green 2003 BMW M3 sitting in my driveway. ::creams pants::  Too bad its not ours. Grrr. Omg that car is sooo fucking sweet. Like whoa. Its going up to CT tomorrow afternoon. Damn, I soo wanna go take a ride in it. Oh well, Maybe in another life.

Can't hardly wait for tomorrow night.
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05-16-03 10:09am

You should come to the ATL chorus concert anyways, mainly because I'm in it and it's on my bday (May 27), sooo yeah.

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05-16-03 3:50pm

That is so not Dave's line.

And yeah. Lauren can be annoying with her solos. Can't wait to see you tonight!

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