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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2003 at 11:18pm
Current mood: hopeful
Music: *bloodhound gang*the bad touch*
Subject: the little bastard
gah..eddie just broke up with me. i kind of expected it. but still his reasoning was gay. he said it was because i have been depressed lately and supposedly i wasnt giving him any attention. awww poor baby! go suck on your moms tit some more. im sorry im just really pissed off right now because he makes no sense. but kathy.. i told you so. you know how he sed he was SO in love with me? yeah well it took him only this long to decide that he was gonna tell bryan that he doesnt feel anything for me anymore. and he told me to fuck off and called me a bitch. im sorry but im so glad i didnt believe him from the start. guys can be so very stupid. im kind of sad..but only kind of. you know why? because i have a damn army of people who want to beat eddies ass now, and its really funny. why you ask? because hes a big gay, thats one. and two, because i didnt even ASK them to, they all just saw his reason for breaking up with me in our conversation and decided that he was a big fucknut. which he is mind you. i told you before, relationships just werent meant for me. maybe im supposed to be alone or something..or so it seems..or maybe that dream i was talking about is some type of weird preminition (sp?) cus i KNO i didnt spell that right...well im out i just thought i had to share tha....the little bastard..he doesnt kno what the fuck ive been through lately...for shame. still it kinda sucks. but not more than anyting else ive been going through lately, it just adds to the pressure. some people just cant be trusted. zane im sorry. i love you. im sorry i didnt let you kick his ass sooner....well..time to sulk again...=/ bye guys. -stephanie
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Hey Steph..just wanted to leave you a comment.., 05-26-03 11:32am

Stephanie, last night I had the time to actually think about everything and evaluate myself. And I realize that I do need to find myself. I just wanted to say thank you for you comment thing you left on my old journal entry. I didn't say or discuss anything with you about how I felt but your comment did point out some things to me. I love you, and you are a great bst friend, and thats straight from my heart.

So. Moving on because it was getting kinda serious there, lol. The correct spelling is premonition. =). I totally agree with you on the whole Eddie thing; he only wanted love and attention from you and I think he was so caught up in that idea that he never paid any attention to you. ~*Bites him so hard*~ ..Hoser. So chyah. I believe you owe me a note young lady. I wanna know about this dream of yours, and how things are with you and Zane lately.

Well I think this has been quite enough so I'ma go and stop typing...soon. =)!

I love you!


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Re: Hey Steph..just wanted to leave you a comment.., 05-26-03 11:34am

god damnit! best^^, lol.

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Re: Re: Hey Steph..just wanted to leave you a comment.., 05-26-03 1:29pm

lol..yes renee, i DO believe that the correct spelling IS in fact, "best". lol. i love you!. geh..about my post..dont mention it. you know im always here for you though, i dont need to understand what youre going through as long as i know enough to try and make you feel better..and that i will always try my best to do so. cus thats what bess frenz r 4! annoying the fuck out of you until they know whats going on! weee! i love you chickers. alwayz. yous mi baby mama. weee. and im sorry to hear about you and bryan =( i hope things get better..for the both of you guys. byes!
zanes comin bak today! .::smiles::.

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