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:: 2004 4 November :: 9.00 pm
:: Mood: content

Well, it appears I have been accepted to Michigan State, which means I'll likely go there next year. (amazing, I thought it would be much longer before I heard anything from any college, and here I am getting accepted so fast. I must say, I feel rather proud of myself.)

Otherwise little has happened. For those of you who haven't seen me in a while, I've been spiking my hair regularly now. I rather enjoy it. It feels nice, looks pretty good, and I get so many random flirtatious looks from girls ....

....hehehehe *blushes*


erm, sorry I have no clue where that came from, honestly. O_O

Yeah though, so I'm just feeling really good right now. (it has been a rather lovely week :).

...And I've been using a bizarre number of smileys, I'm not quite sure why...


...well, I shall cease my rambling for tonight before it get's out of hand or I start breaking off in to some philosophical tangents. I hope everyone is doing well, and if not then I hope you feel better soon.

Van con dios mis amigos buenos!

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:: 2004 19 October :: 9.30 pm
:: Mood: content

Well, I haven't updated in *tries to find last date he updated on, gives up after flipping back a few months* too long...

So let's see what I can remember...

work has been pretty good lately, they've me working every bloody saturday morning from 6-10:30 for the past month or so, but at least I don't have to do much. I've made quite a few friends there, though it seems like a new person quits the Courtesy Team every week. The pay still sucks, but at least I'm getting stronger.

I hung out with a veritable myriad of people nearly every day last week, had some wonderful sushi, and realized I have far more friends that are girls than guys (and apparently suffer from what has been termed as uncastrated eunuch syndrome).

I went to the haunt. Luara pretty much clung to me the whole time, making me laugh the whole way through. Afterwards she gave me a back rub (sadly only my third ever) to make up for my, all but bruised, sides...

...I really miss her : (

...other than those events there was much hanging out at e-den, where I dominated Far Cry and one round of Call of Duty (though I was shredded in pretty much every other round of Call of Duty after that one (ex. "what does 'Minen' mean?" *boom* "oh, like a land mine" *boom* "damn, where did that one come from?" *boom* "Dear lord I'm sucking tonight" etc. ). It was rather fun, though I'm really getting rather sick of Star Wars: Battlefront.

I saw the end of Wolf's Rain saturday night. After watching that bloody (good) show since June. It was pretty good, though, I hate to say it, but the entire block of 26 episodes I watched now just feels like a prelude to the real story.

Speaking of stories, I've been writing a good deal lately. Project 1 is being revamped (successfully I might add0, project 2 is still going decently, I haven't touched project 6 in a while, project 3 I've been planning out a bit, and project G1 is being fleshed out finally after a two year planning process (have fun trying to figure out what precisely that all means).

Alright, so I'm probably leaving a great deal of things out right now, actually strike that, I'm definitely leaving a great deal of things out, but I really don't have the time to try and remember everything that's happened, even in the past few weeks, so I'll just wrap it.

I hope everyone is doing well, and school isn't leaving everyone too much like stressed out, sleep-deprived zombies.

Van con dios mis amigos

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:: 2004 14 September :: 7.45 pm
:: Mood: erm, blah...

Well, I haven't updated in far too long, so I figured I would update.

My classes so far are rather boring. Comtemporary lit. is pretty much a joke, with our moronic "feminist utopia novel" (watch me whilst I gag at the stereotypical underdeveloped characters and unrealistic plot intended to teach men of female superiority). Euro history is good, at least I'm in there with a fun bunch of people, and we do have plenty of fun movies to go along with our lectures. Spanish 4 is better than spanish 3 and I'll leave it at that. AP government and physics both leave me feeling tired just thinking about them, and statistics, though it may well be my easiest math class yet, is just kind of dull.

Work has been alright. I get along with the other courtesy team members well enough, and though a few of them really bug the living crud out of me, I rather enjoy being around a few of them. June, my cashier friend who, at least at some time, had a crush on me, remains my best friend there by no small margin. Oddly enough a few of my coworkers seem to be talking about the two of us when I'm not around, and judging on some of the things I've heard, there are probably a few rumors going around about us, thankfully it all seems to be good natured (or at least I scare my coworkers just enough that they wouldn't dare insult me).

work itself has been...
...well, lethargic and tedious. Though when you get stuck wiping skid marks off the tile and the... *shudders* ...toilets, you can really only enjoy your work so much.

Still outside of work and school, life has been great, as usual...

My novels, when I have time to write them, and when I don't have writer's block, are coming along very nicely. I still haven't even hit the quarter point on any of them, and I still really don't know how I'm going to end any of them either, but for now they're just fine.

Well that's really all I have to say for now, I hope the evening finds you all well...

...farewell y va con dios mis amigos buenos.

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:: 2004 19 August :: 5.44 pm
:: Mood: contemplative

Alright, I have a few things to say...

...first, sorry I haven't been writing many entries lately. I seem to either forget to update, or I simply don't have enough time to update this thing.

Secondly, I managed to start writing again, for the first time in two months. I really haven't a clue as to why I don't write more in my novels than I do. They always leave me feeling really good.

Thirdly, I had a really strange good/bad/weird/chaotic/calm/totally fucked up day at work today. It involved a coworker's confession, an overload in electronics, a visit from Ray, Jackie and Mat, an encounter with Tracey's mom involving her cart intentionally ramming into mine, plenty of cleaning, more broken eggs than I can count, a leaking bottle of bleach that nailed my pants, and a few other things I can't quite seem to recall at the moment. The confession of the coworker was by far the most interesting of the occurances though. I won't post what happened, but it left me feeling really fucked up for a while. I am okay though, so don't worry about me if you are.

Fourthly I'm starting to really miss Kyle. It feels like I haven't seen that guy in months.

Fifthly I'm totally free for the rest of this week, so if anyone wants to hang out or do something, just let me know.

That's pretty much all I have to say for now. I hope that everyone is feeling well. I might update again later and go into some detail on the above subjects, but for now...

...Van con dios mis amigos buenos

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:: 2004 4 August :: 8.11 pm
:: Mood: tired as all hell (assuming that hell is in fact t

Well, I have had an interesting revalation today. Apparently working inside of Meijers is the exact opposite of working inside Meijers. To make a long (and tragically boring) story short, I wound up on cart duty today for the entire day and really did nothing of any interest...

I did encounter two weird old men, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. The one in the morning walked right up to me shaking his head and said : "You should just quit right now. The work is bad, and it don't pay nuthin'. Trust me, I did it in the 80's." And then the other was a toothless hillbilly with tobacco juice spattered on his shirt, who asked me where the greyhound bus was (though, no buses ever show up at the Algoma Meijer).

I also wound up hanging out with a few of the neophyte (hehe, I always loved that word) workers (essentially the poor people who were hired right before the store opened, and ergo have no training and no clue as to what to do. They were actually pretty cool...

...Other than that though, I really don't have any interesting stories, and I can't say I really did anything of particular interest (though I did manage to find some carts in some rather messed up places).

So that's pretty much my day, hopefully I won't be doing much walking tomorrow since my legs feel as though they are on the verge of literally tearing to shreds...

...I hope you all are having fun, or at least having a decent time doing whatever it is that you all are doing.

Van con Dios mis amigos

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:: 2004 3 August :: 7.39 pm
:: Mood: tired

Well, I had very bizarre little day, to say the absolute least...

...I could probably go on for pages about it, but I'll spare you all the trouble of reading for half an eternity, and just give you a few of the highlights/keypoints

-I had to escort "Griff" (mascot for the GR Griffins, in case you didn't know) for about two hours. Between the sight of the kids who screamed in terror at the sight of a six foot tall eagle with a lion's lower body walking around in a hockey jersey, and the old people who thought their medication had gone bad when they saw him, I wound up smiling for the rest of the day.

-we had a shipment of those electric AMIGO carts arrive at the front of the store, and to get them in position I was given the "burden" of flying through the store in them at speeds in excess of 10-15 mph (which may not sound like much, but when you're in a store like meijers you feel like you're going the speed of light)

-While I was cleaning the entryway windows (the first of the three times I had to today), I saw Fred Meijer enter the building.

-I met two -relatively cute- girls that made me stand still while they took a picture of myself, while seriously refering to me as a stud. (and I might also add that got a few oddly flirtatious looks from a few other, also relatively cute looking, girls)

-I saw two kids between 10-12 years old cussing each other out while leaving the store: "You F***ing b@stard!" "I'm gonna f***ing kill you b!tchy mother f***er!"
I nearly exploded with laughter when I saw that one...

-I figured out that if I just walk around the store with a roll of paper towel, or with some merchandise, everyone thinks I'm working. In essence, I have discovered the secret of unlimited breaks!

-I was given five tasks in less than five minutes, each of which was done by someone else before I even took a few steps in their general direction. In other words, I got a five minute break to walk around the store because the managers had no clue as to what each of them was doing...

-I saw Kyle's mom and sister while cleaning the entry way windows (for the third time that day I might add, since apparently the windows get dirty every two hours), and Jennifer while I was escorting Griff...

-After I was done escorting "Griff" I wound up hanging out with him and the other mascots for a while. Apparently both he and the guy who wore the Garfield outfit were professional mascots, while the guy who was wearing the Stawberry Shortcake outfit (Yes, you are reading correctly, a guy was wearing the Strawberry Shortcake outfit while he skipped and blew kisses 'til he nearly collapsed in the backroom...) was just another courtesy team worker like myself...

-I also heard one of the greeters refer to an AMIGO cart as an 'electric chair'. Just try to imagine how much laughter I had to suppress when I overheard the following sentence:
"Uh, Bob, we had an elderly man's electric chair break down at the front entryway, and we need to take care of him."
I was quite tempted to walk up to him and say
"Just give me a golf club and a bottle of whiskey, and I'll get the job done. It won't be pretty, but it will have to do."

Indeed, so that's pretty much everything of real interest from my day (so much for making things short). If anyone wants to see immense grocery store pandemonium, and me stuck in the middle of it, just come to Meijers tomorrow wednesday, or Thursday between 9-5.

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:: 2004 19 July :: 9.26 pm
:: Mood: weary

Well, technically, I just went to my first day of work at Meijers. It was really just training/filling out various forms, and reading more guidelines than I will ever need to worry about (interestingly enough they made the sentence "Do not bring firearms or weapons to work" into an entire two page memo. Overall it was a pretty much a worthless session, but since they paid me to do virtually nothing for four hours, I won't really complain.

My lord it's cold in my basement. I mean, I'm the type that easily endures 40 degree weather, and yet right now I'm bloody shivering.

I've been having weird dreams lately. I'm not sure as to what they're about , but I keep remembering odd bits and pieces every now and then. I remember there was a girl, a few of my friends (I haven't clue as to who they were, I just know some were involved), I remember a cliff, and I remember a weird falling sensation, but that's all. Maybe it just means I'm going insane...

...or maybe, unbeknownst to me, I am inadvertently glimpsing images of the future, and I must decipher them before the entire world suffers a horrible fate, which only I may prevent...

...nah, actually it's probably just the aliens again. ever since I agreed to let them probe me they just haven't left me alone...

...I do remember one dream though. It felt just like one of the Silent Hill games, except I somehow managed to come up with a completely original plot to it. I don't remember a great deal about it, but I do remember going into this pipe on a cliff overlooking a large wooded valley. I'm not sure why exactly I felt I had to do so, but I recall coming out of the pipe to find that, first the pipe was much smaller and I barely managed to squeeze through it, secondly the dozens of powerlines that had previously run alongside the cliff and into the nearby town were gone, a strange shrine surrounded by dead mutilated corpses was suddenly present to opposite site of the pipe, the valley of trees was halfway cleared out and in the central clearing a building, which had not been there before, was on fire and overrun by demonic creatures. I ran towards the path that led back to the town, but it was blocked by a strange pedestal with a demonic face carved into it. I pushed it over and kept moving, though not until after I noticed that a mysterious housing devolopment that was built into a nearby cliff wall (the homes where literally built on a slope greater than 50 degrees) was completely gone. When I got onto the path it was suddenly night all around me, and there were these white tarps hanging behind me, stopping me from going back there were also tarps hanging to my right , blocking what would have otherwise been a clear view of the town. To my left there was nothing but impeneterably thick woods and rocks. I decided to keep running, though I saw these bodies trying to push their way through the tarps. I stopped briefly to look at one section, and I saw a bunch of demonic faces leering at me, and then I was woken up.

The weird thing about the dream though, wasn't the events that occured in it, but how vivid they all were. Usually my dreams are full of blind spots, stupid senseless twists that don't fit the rest of the dream, and the visuals are always so fuzzy, but in this dream, I remember everything I saw as though I had seen it in real life. Again, I'm probably going insane...

So other than the potential insanity, and boring as hell training, there really isn't a great deal happening in my life right now.

I hope everyone else is doing well, and if not, I hope you feel better tomorrow...

...Farewell my friends, y van con Dios...

[edit] 11:00 A.M.
I remembered what that one dream was about. I was touring this modern battlefield in America. For some reason though, it was just like Vietnam, same uniforms, weapons, music, everything (I'm guessing this is a side-effect from playing so much Battlefield Vietnam, though I haven't played it an over a week). I remember somehow getting drafted into the army while I was there, and I remember having to hold on to a guy's opium joint (like a marijuana joint, but everyone kept calling it opium), and for some reason I decided to smoke it. I've never smoked in my life, but I swear I could taste it, even feel the smoke entering my throat, and I think I coughed in reality. It was that vivid. I don't remember much else though, I think I shot at someone at some point, but I really don't recall.

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:: 2004 9 July :: 4.34 pm
:: Mood: tired

Well, yesterday I pretty much binged on Anime. I rented Berserk (which I have to say was pretty damn good), and watched this "demo disc" that came with the Newtype magazine that I bought a while ago. It was pretty pathetic, containing an episode of a very generic mecha title(Dai Guard), and an episode of a yaoi anime (Gravitation) *shudders while thinking of the part where a guy takes another guy's sucker and sucks it suggestively* which was very disturbing, to say the very least *fights back vomit while thinking of the guy on guy kissing and cuddling*. It was pretty much so horrifying that I couldn't stop watching. There was also a nice array of anime previews on it that were (thankfully) much better than the two episodes, and on a related note, I now have to see if I can find the anime "Dead Leaves" anywhere. I mean you really can't miss an anime that stars a gun toting man with a tv for a head...

Otherwise yesterday was damn boring, and today looks to be a repeat. So, by the way, if anyone wants to do anything, just let me know. I really don't have anything to do this entire week, although I think I start training for work in a week or two.

In case you're wondering, I do now have a job... bloody Meijers on the *cringe* "courtesy team." So basicaly if you want to see a tall guy with giant sideburns with that "please just kill me" look on his face while he pushes carts, carries old ladies' groceries, and greets customers, just come to the Algoma Meijer on 10 mile after it opens on August 4...

Van con Dios amigos...

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:: 2004 7 July :: 9.37 pm
:: Mood: content

Well I'm feeling rather well at the moment, though I can't say I really recall much about this morning, since I (along with Ben, Nick and Rachel) was in a state somewhat equivalent to being stoned, as a result from the all-nighter at eDen.

The all-nighter itself was rather awesome (at least at first). Battlefield Vietnam was more than slgihtly amusing, though I'm now so sick of 60's and early 70's music that I believe I will be forced to vomit if hear any more today. I managed to pretty consistently stay in the top 5 rankings ever time we had a LAN game going. Far Cry was also pretty good, though, for some reason, I came to like vietnam better...

When 8 AM came be we were pretty much all sick of videogames, and my eyes were blood-shot to the point at which I looked stoned out of my mind. So we decided to go over to Ben's house and rest a bit. So, since we really hadn't eaten anything since yesterday evening, Nick made some "Nacho Dip" out of a sizeable chunk of velveeta, some taco sauce, and an bloody half stick of butter. Despite it's grotesque appearance, i'll admit it was decent, and we all passed out in the basement while watching Meet the Parents...

...I'd say a bit more but I'm about to get kicked off aol so farewell for now, I'll continue tomarrow.

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:: 2004 1 July :: 3.22 pm

*in booming god voice* ATTENTION!
Alright, this may be somewhat late notice, but my parents have just informed me that it will be VERY possible for me to have a fourth of July party (okay, well actually they told me I could about a week ago, and, due to my chronic procrastination and laziness it has taken me until today to post it).

So basically we'll have food (in the form of hamburgers/hot dogs), drinks, videogames (feel free to bring any you might want to since I only have a PS2 with a handful of multiplayer games), many movies, home-made icecream (unless the ice-cream maker breaks down, which is -unfortunately- quite possible), and all the *cough* illegal *cough* fireworks you can shake several rather large sticks at ( I think we still have half a crate of fire-crackers and pop bottle rockets just laying about and we should have rather large assortment of mortars after we pick them up in Indiana). So if you would like to and can come, just post here, email me, or call me (863-0964). Oh and feel free to invite others who don't have access to this journal and who you think would like to come, BUT LET ME KNOW BEFORE YOU INVITE THEM, I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind to large a crowd, but I still want to have some clue as to how many people are comining.

Also, any suggestions for activities, refreshments and etc. would be welcome. Just post them here.

Oh yeah, and the time isn't definite, but so far it looks like it will start sometime around 7-8 PM

So, again, sorry if this is late notice, if you already have plans, or something of the like, I will not be offended if you choose not to come. This is just sort of a random spur of the moment kind of idea I'm throwing out on the table.

As always, Van con Dios mis amigos.

And I eagerly await your replies...

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:: 2004 24 June :: 8.08 pm
:: Mood: content

Well there isn't a great deal happening in my life at the moment. I went to the mall with my mom and sister yesterday, and managed to find (and buy) the last FLCL DVD (leaving me with the FLCL series :D ). Otherwise we barely bought anything, and I had to fight back sleep through half the endeavor.

Today I pretty much just worked around the house moving {insert object name here} to {insert location here}. I also rented the game Siren, which appears to be the first REALISTIC survival horror game (for once weapons and ammunition perfectly matching your weapons are not strewn across the landscape, and the enemies don't always know exactly where you are). Although I really have to say it may also be roughly the most difficult game I've played to date... (it took me 40 minutes to get through a town with only four buildings and four monsters, and that's only counting the time it took on my third- and only successful- attempt)

Otherwise nothing interesting seems to be happening here right now...

Va con Dios mis amigos buenos!

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:: 2004 21 June :: 3.00 pm
:: Mood: bored

Ahh, what a lovely rainy little day...

Little seems to be happening in my life right now. I've been working a good deal on my stories, as usual, and I've managed to learn more C++. I started a Xanga journal yesterday, which leaves me with far more journals than I have ever needed or wanted (the total count of which has arrived at 4, all of which I plan to try and update at least every other day).

Last night I decided to randomly sneak out of the house and go for a walk at two in the morning. I just kind of walked around the whole neighborhood, watching the sleeping world. It was rather peaceful really. My legs are quite sore now, though.

At the moment I am incredibly bored, and even a titch bit lonely, and as I have the day all to myself and wallet full of money, if anyone wants to do anything or hang out with me either today or tonight, please call me, or post something here.

Seriously, I need to get out of the house, or at least be in the house with someone else...

...badly..., again open invite to anyone, take it or leave it (please take it, I'm on the verge of doing something absolutely insane, like performing my own rendition of singing in the rain, and you don't want to see me singing and dancing ;)

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:: 2004 18 June :: 6.56 pm
:: Mood: content

Wow, I meant to update my journal about two, maybe three days ago. Damn I've been busy lately.

A few days ago I finally picked up a C++ instruction manual (think Visual Basic on crack). So far I know how to do loops declare variables and execute basic programs. (not too much though, I'm afraid. I'm still a long ways from being able to program a video game) I can't wait until I'm able to do something really complex...

I've been writing a considerable bit as well. My third novel (project 6, I call it) has been growing quite a bit lately. In case you might be wondering that's the project that contains about a dozen characters that were DIRECTLY inspired by many of you...

...of course I've changed the names and some of the attitudes and mannerisms around a bit, but the general personas remain the same. The plot, however, is completely fiction.

I've also been working a bit on project/ novel #2. Code named: "The Rain Fell." If you ever want to read that one, by the way, you can track down my account on FictionPress and read the first chapter, or you can just ask me and I can show you what I have so far.

I've spent most of today shoveling around woodchips for $7 an hour, which leaves me with $77 :D And it seems that all the work has left me with an endorphine rush.

Oh by the way, did anyone else know that the the other road in the intersection by North Star Theater (not Northland) leads to Greenville? As of the night when Ben, Rachel, Nick, Jackie, Brigette, and I saw The Stepford Wives, I have. Yes ladies and gentlemen, in case you have not yet deduced, I got lost going home and wound up in Greenville at 1:00AM that night. Very interesting really. Just imagine me cussing out an open road in the middle of no where around one in the morning and you get the idea of how it went.

So otherwise little seems to be happening...

...if anyone ever wants to hang out or do something though, I now have plenty of cash, and quite a bit of free-time, so feel free to call whenever you'd like (just not past 10Pm or before 10 Am if you would, my parents may otherwise kill you).

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:: 2004 28 May :: 11.21 am

Well, yesterday was...

It started off nicely enough, the last full day of school, I apparently was given a new monikor (though I somewhat hope it doesn't catch on), and Jennifer rode me around the spot.

However, I think it was right after lunch, I was plunged into a hellish combination of blindness, numbness, and unbelievably horrific pain. A damn migraine, right on the last day of anime club, which I am certain would have been awesome. Ah well, my day did get better eventually, once I could actually think about anything other than the maelstrom of pain engulfing and eviscerating my brain.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Apparently staring at a computer screen after a migraine isn't the easiest on the eyes.

Van con dios mis amigos

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:: 2004 23 May :: 1.42 am
:: Mood: content

Ugh, why must I be the only one wandering the plains of cyberspace tonight? Ah well...
...If you aren't online than I hope you are at least enjoying this beautious storm. It really would be a terrible pity to sleep through one such as this.

I didn't really do much today. I mostly watched a few movies, primarily anime. One suggestion to anyone who cares, don't EVER watch "Grave Of Fireflies" if you don't want to wind up feeling some degree of depression. I'm the type who virtually never cries (in the past 9 years I've only cried in sadness once), but I almost cried towards the end. I swear that movie is just a tragic, sucking, toilet of melancholy. Other than that I saw Ranma 1/2, rather cute and somewhat funny, Boogiepop Phantom (one of my favorites), and the usual Adult swim Sat. lineup (including my beloved FLCL:) .

I also finally turned in my application to EB Games. I somewhat doubt I'll be lucky enough to get a job there, but I still believe it is definitely worth a shot. Afterwards I spent roughly two and a half hours trying to fill out online applications to Blockbuster video, and Hollywood video (which would be why I did not show up at Jon's house tonight). The stupid things actually included 30 page quizzes meant to determine my "ability to perform in a work environment." The only thing is, they take hours to fill out, and ask some of the most moronic questions I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

"Are you able to use computers?"

erm, no, which is how I was able to get to this question in the first place.

"Do you agree with the following statement: Sometimes I wish my workers would die?"

Yes, yes I do.

"Have you ever brought firearms to work?"

nah, grenades and knives are an entirely different matter though...

"Have you comitted a crime in the past 7 years?"

Nope, though I did kill ten people 8 years ago...

Yeah, I think you get the idea. Wow, the lightening really is beautiful tonight...

...Well, I'm going to go now, the night is still young, and I'm in the mood for...
...well, I'm not sure what, but it will be good.

Va con dios mis amigos

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