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User:DragonSpeaker (user# 10471)
Location: Ec'sala of the Caerdain, Inaka, Confusion?, Wales
days until Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala!

^ Look, it's me.

Just your average, boring IB high school junior senior graduate with no life. I like a variety of music, and messing with HTML/computer stuff is a hobby of mine. "Muahaha" is my favorite word and I tend to overuse smiley faces. Some of you may know me as Birdz or the kid with the dragon binder, or my personal favorite: "HEY YOU". Chances are that if you know me from school, you won't recognize me here... welcome to the dark side. Not really, but that sounded more interesting than "here is the story of my lowly existance."
Age: 1,814 years

I <3 Dragons
My site is, though it is permenently under construction. ; )
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