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12-21-2003 07:12pm

hm.... you're interesting. I like you! ^^ ::shakes hand:: online buddy? ps: what song is that playing in the backround of your page?? It kicks ass *^^*


12-21-2003 11:30pm

Heh. I should go find out, but I just got back from dinner and I am tired. ^_^;; I'll find out. I love my music. Thank you.


12-22-2003 02:29am

Hey! You've got a great journal. 8) And yes, my icon does rock. BWA HA HA! I'll read your entries from now on. ^_^ *Adds to favorites*


12-22-2003 01:03pm

Thank ye ^_^


06-05-2004 06:56pm

Whoa! I can't believe I never signed this!
Now that that's taken care of...


09-20-2005 02:03pm

How am I the last person to sigh this? Eh?

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