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:: 2016 5 April :: 2.20 am

Well, this old journal hasn't had much action lately.

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:: 2015 12 October :: 12.39 am

I have got my wife listening to Tangerine Dream and King Diamond.

Mission: Accomplished.


:: 2015 4 September :: 5.41 am
:: Mood: good
:: Music: Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City

Life is good. How are you?


:: 2015 16 July :: 10.57 pm

I missed my meds for one day, and it felt as if I had quit smoking (cold turkey) for a week. Or, at the very least, what I feel like when attempting to quit smoking, which is interminable agony and ickiness.

Never again.

My mood is still readjusting to not being morose or pissed off. Now I that I'm aware of how it felt to be me in years past, I don't want to be that person every again.


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