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:: 2005 14 March :: 11.58 pm
:: Mood: content

saturday i went to the gym. then went to the mall with michelle. my phone is all messed up so i stopped by the verizon booth. they told me i'd most likely have to get a new phone. but i have to wait till i go home because my dad has to be with me when i switch phones since its in his name.

sunday night brando and katie came over at like 130am. they crashed at my place for the night.

today they woke me up at 7. i made pancakes and katie made omlets. then they left to go to moab for hiking and camping. i went back to sleep and then woke up at 1030 for class. i went tanning today and studied. at 730 i went to fhe.

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:: 2005 11 March :: 11.59 pm
:: Mood: content

monday i had my interview at clean flicks. i think it went pretty good. dylan, trask, brooke, jeremy, michelle, kenyan, derek and i all went and saw white noise. that was pretty scary.

tuesday carrie came over. havnt seen that girl in forever!! we went to the mall with derek. i got my mom a present for her birthday which is on the 25th. then we all went and played pool with dylan, jeremy and jocelyn.

wednesday carrie and i checked out parkway crossing and talked to them about different floor plans. then i took carrie home. then from 330-7 i studied for my math test. then i went in and took, it was only 10 questions but took me an 1 1/2 to complete!

thursday i watched dawn of the dead with dylan and derek. that movie was pretty stupid. i didnt like it.

today i hung out with dylan for the day. he's leaving for colorado. his sister is moving into a new house so he's going home with his brother to help her move. he's not coming back till wednesday! i went to the uvsc dance for a bit with derek and kyle. i saw sarah there. she's been going to school in idaho....i havnt seen her since june!

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:: 2005 6 March :: 10.28 pm
:: Mood: happy

friday i went to the gym with dylan, jeremy and michelle. my legs hurt so bad from the hip hop class. then michelle, dylan, derek and i went out to eat at applebees. then we were going to meet joceyln and go play pool at ozz. but when we got there it was 130 and they were trying to close up. 130 on a friday night!

saturday i did some math. went to dylan's for a bit. then we drove up to the "mayan". trask, brooke, and derek came also, they followed us. we met dylans brother and his girlfriend, and dylan's dad. that restaurant is so cool. its all jungled themed. every 20 minutes there are about 4 divers that come out and do high dives off of fake rocks. its so neat. they do these crazy twisting dives. after we ate dylan, derek and i met a bunch of kids up at deer valley resort. there is a road that goes right by one of the ski runs. so one person would drive us up then we would unload and get on sleds. then go down the run. it was fun, but very cold! it was really scary going under the bridge!

today i actually went to church for the whole time. it was pretty good. the strange thing was that a lot of things that were talked about answered alot of my questions. i went over to dylan's for a bit. i got to watch the simpsons! i love not having to work at golden corral. i actually get to watch my favorite shows. :-) i have an interview tom. at clean flicks.

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:: 2005 3 March :: 11.59 pm
:: Mood: content

tuesday dylan and i went shopping. i got two pairs of lucky jeans. they are so cute and way comfortable. we did laundry and washed his car. then michelle and i went to the gym. dylan left for colorado for a few days.

yesterday had accounting, that was pretty boring today. i went to the math lab. i went to the housing fair at school. i know where im going to live in the summer and fall. its called parkway crossing, its the newest student housing complex. they have 3 pools and a bunch of hottubs, exercise room, tanning and hair salon, pizza shop, subway shop, game room and a bunch of other stuff right there at the complex. they said the whole place is 40 acres. its a really nice place. i am excited for this summer!

today i went to the gym with michelle and tara. we went to the hip hop class. it was really fun, but i was so worn out! then we went in the sauna. dylan got home around midnight. jeremy came back with him.

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:: 2005 28 February :: 11.59 pm
:: Mood: happy

friday dylan and i went to golden corral to eat. i had to hand in my uniform and get past checks. then danny, dylan's friend from colorado drove up for the weekend. about 20 of us went up to vivian park in provo canyon. we had a bonfire. it was alot of fun intill someone called the cops on us. about 5 cops showed up and ticketed all of us for underage drinking.

saturday dylan made a big breakfast. pancakes, eggs, and bacon! i had to take a bio test. dylan, danny and i went out to eat at the training table. then dylan, danny, derek, michelle, kenyan and i all watched the butterfly effect. later on dylan, danny, derek, bailey and i all went up to saltlake. we stopped by dylan's brothers place for a bit. he just moved in a month ago. as i walked in the house it looked really familar. turns out the kid whose parents own the house i went to homecoming with his friend and he was with us. after the dance we ended up going to this house.
after we stopped by at dylans brothers house we all went clubbing at vortex. dylan got sick during the middle of the night and kept throwing up so he ended up going back to his place.

sunday i went to church. went over to dylan's to see how he was doing. he was still sick. i stayed with him for awhile. then went home and wrote my term paper for astronomy on the moon titan. dylan came over and i made him soup.

today i went to the mall with michelle, then we went tanning. i went to the gym for the first time in a week. then dylan, derek, sarah, megan and i went and saw the incredibles. that was a cute movie.

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:: 2005 24 February :: 12.14 pm
:: Mood: sleepy

Tuesday i had school. Andrew and Tim called me! So i talked to them for a bit. I told them to take a roadtrip out her. Then i went to the bio review with ian. Then dylan and i chilled for a bit. I had a meeting to go to about england. I met all the people going. There are about 30 people. I met 3 of my roommates. They are way cool. Its going to be so much fun! I cant wait! We have school only 3 days a week. They are giving us a free weekend to do whatever we want so im going to talk to annemarie and try and go see her. Its been so long since i've seen her!

Yesterday i went tanning then went and gave plasma. Then i had my russia meeting. I had to fill out tons of paperwork. They gave me packets telling about the schools in Moscow. Since im early in doing all of this i basically get first choice. There are 3 different places that i can go to. Two locations right in Moscow. One location i would live with a family and the other i would live in an apartment. I think i would rather live with the family to get more russian culture. One of the schools is well known throughout russia as very good wrestlers. Kids from all over the country go to that school to train. The other school is about 45 minutes outside of Moscow. I think i would rather be in the city. I will have to talk to my parents and see what they think...Im so jealous of them. They are relaxing in Florida!!!

I was upset at Dylan last night. A couple of weeks ago he told me that he was going to deal cocaine to someone. So i said fine as long as he didnt do it. He told me he wouldnt and that if he did he would tell me. So last night we were at my place with michelle and derek when michelle was talking about it and how she had did it a couple of weeks ago and it kind of slipped out that Dylan did it with her.

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:: 2005 22 February :: 1.46 pm
:: Mood: content

Friday i went to school. Then dylan, jeremy and i went to The Pita Pit for lunch. Dylan worked at 3. I went tanning, i got pretty red. Then i went to the gym with michelle and jeremy. Dylan, Jeremy, Derek, Tim, Katie, Tara, Kara, Nick and i all went clubbing at vortex. It was pretty good. They had two floors of hip hop instead of one of hip hop and one of techno.

Satuday michelle and i went to the gym. I got ready for work. I went in and looked at the schedule. They didnt give me the days off that i wanted. So i went and talked to the manager and he gave me some bull shit answer. So i walked out. I hated that job so much. I am so glad i am done with it. When i got home dylan and i went to subway. He asked if i wanted to go to colorado with him. I had 15 minutes to pack. It was about a 4 hour drive. Not too bad. We went through canyons and mountains so it was pretty. We had to drop off jeremy at his place. We got a pizza and chilled there for a bit. Then we went to dylan's place. Talked with his brother and parents for a bit. Then went in the hot tub. :-)

Sunday we slept in. Then we went on a drive with his brother and girlfriend. We went to these really cool rocks that are huge and that you can climb on. Its so pretty in Colorado. His town had way to many motels. I guess that is where they make alot of meth. When we got back everyone took a nap except his mom and i. So we talked for awhile. Then we had a big dinner and then watched a movie.

Yesterday we went to their club. I just swam and went in the sauna. Then we all went to this italian restaurant. That was way good. Then dylan and i said good bye to everyone and we left. Michelle got a fish for the apartment. His name is felipe. He's a cutie.

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:: 2005 18 February :: 11.59 pm
:: Mood: content

Wednesday I went and got my hair done at Bon Losee. Its a beauty school. I had them put highlights in it. If i had went to the mall it would of cost me at least 80 bucks but it was only 35! I also love how it came out. I am definately going to get my hair done there from now on. Then i went and gave plasma. Then stopped by the tanning salon. I got an unlimited month package. I cant believe i made it to this month with out tanning!! The tanning place is so nice. You go in and they have a towel and glasses and a piece of candy waiting on the bed. When i got home Dylan was at my place! He is finally home!! He brought his bestfriend Jeremy with him. I guess Jeremy wants to get away from dealing drugs so if he likes Utah he is going to move out. Then we went to The Village Inn with Michelle, Megan, Sara, and Trask. Sheena was working so she was our waitress.

Today I had school. In math class we had to fill out this survey done by the state about drugs and alcohol. That took me 15 minutes so i went home after that. Then i didnt have my management class because the teacher was out of town! Then i went to Dylan's for a bit. He had to go to work so Michelle, Jeremy and i went to the gym. Then hung out at my place. Then Kenyan stopped by so we all went to Walmart. Came back and made Lasagna. mmmmm! yummy! Then Dylan came over after work. Then we all went to Ozz to play pool with Trask, Brooke, Kyle, and Joceyln. Im actually getting better at pool! :-)

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:: 2005 14 February :: 9.46 pm
:: Mood: happy

Thursday Trask, Brooke, Dylan and i went and played pool at ozz. Then we went to the pita pit. Pita's are sooo yummy!

Friday i had school, hung out with dylan and took a math test. Then i had to work from 5-close. It wasnt to busy so i got out right at 10. Then michelle, kenyan and i met dylan at some party. It was raining and cold. But they did have a bonfire, so that kept us warm alittle. Then we all came back to our place. Dylan and i fell asleep around 4.

Saturday woke up way late, that was really nice. I went to the gym. Then went to work from 4-close. I made 120 in tips!! woo wee :-) Then came home and watched a movie with dylan. Went to his place and fell asleep.

Sunday i had to work from 12-5. A lady from my table went to the bathroom and had a seizure. She stopped breathing and her face was purple. So the ambulence had to come. I had to help out the kids. I took them out to the car to get settled in. I felt so bad, those kids were so scared. The oldest boy who was probably 12 kept trying not to cry the whole time. As i was walking in the store he went to his dad and hugged and began crying. That was the saddest thing ever. It was way nice to be off at 5. I liked having the night off. Meagan and Sara came over to visit for a bit. I went to the clubhouse for awhile. Then i went and talked to Trask about dylan....dont know what to do about that kid. :-/

Today started off kind of crappy. I had to go to school, which i am getting sick of. My classes are so hard this semester. I had an exam in my written business class. When i got home i walked in my room and their was a red rose on my laptop! It was from Dylan. He had to leave for Colorado for a couple of days, but he told me when he gets back he has something special planned...Then michelle and i went to myfamily to apply for a job. The base pay is 10.50 + commission! Then we went and got a pizza, breadsticks and candy. When we got to the apartment door their was a box of candy for me. It was from Gustavo! His card said "thanks for always being their and being a friend" ahhhhh! Lee came over around 6. He brought me purple carnations and a box of candy. That was way nice. Then derek came over so michelle, lee, derek and i played poker and danced to music! I have had soo much candy today...i think im going to be sick.

I officially am going to Russia. They emailed me today with all of the packets and info that i have to fill out. Its like 10 pages long of paperwork.

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:: 2005 8 February :: 11.54 am
:: Mood: happy

i just realized that it is february. where does the time go??

yesterday i was at school till 2. i had to take a test for my written business communications class. then i went over to dylan's. i went to subway with him and trask. i just got a cookie since i ate lunch at 12. then dylan had to go to work, i went and dontated plasma. i took my bio book and read that. then i got home and did laundry and studied. i went to the clubhouse at 730 because they were having a movie night. i just showed up to eat oreo cookies! yummmy. then came back and studied some more....i've got math, accounting and written business communications tests this week. grrrrr. school suxs. dylan came over at 9. we were about to go out to eat when kyle called. he told me to go to his apartment. so i did and there was a cop there. in the back room was a guy who had walked into their apartment earlier. when the cop brought him out i realized that it was the guy that had walked into my apartment. as soon as i saw him i knew it. the guy they had me check out last week at the station i wasnt 100% positive that it was him. i wasnt sure because i had been sleeping at the time and didnt really remember. after the cop talked to me and asked me some questions dylan and i finally went out to eat. we went to chili's. thats def. my favorite place to eat. while he was eating he accidently dropped his mashed potatoes, which have white gravy, on his pants. so we were joking about that. then he looks down, then looks up and begins laughing really hard. his zipper had been open the whole time. weird timing. after dinner we came back to my place. michelle had a bunch of kids over so we talked with them for awhile. then dylan and i fell asleep.

i hate tuesdays! i have to wake up at 730. blahhhhh. i went to bio and the teacher went over the exam. the average in class was a 72. i got a 92! man i really i wished i actually studied in high school and actually cared. my mom emailed me today, she wants me to go to a auto shop and install automated locks and a panic alarm. she is so paranoid about me right now.

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:: 2005 6 February :: 8.43 pm
:: Mood: happy

friday a bunch of us went to dave's. i saw a couple of russians again. i had them teach me phrases that i should know. then we all went over to amanda's house.

saturday michelle and i went to the gym. then dylan came over and we went and got a pizza. then i had to work at golden corral from 4-11. i made 115 in tips. i was pretty happy about that. especially since i didnt have any tables after 9. then about 10 of us went clubbing at vortex. then we all went to denny's. i had a hot fudge sundae! mmmm...but the service sucked. afterwards dylan and i just fell asleep at his place.

today i watched the super bowl at dylans with all of his roommates. Patriots won!!

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:: 2005 3 February :: 5.11 pm
:: Mood: scared

you wont believe what happened....

so last night dylan and bryce came over. bryce ended up falling asleep on the couch and dylan and i fell asleep in my bed. around 4 am my door opens. i lift my head up and see this guy in my room he looked at me and was like "oops sorry wrong room". at the time i thought it was my roommates fiance. and i was also basically asleep so it didnt register in my head. when i woke up today amber's purse and michelle's wallet was in the shower bathroom. i thought that was strange. so i am getting ready for school and thinking about what happened last night when i realized it wasnt tara's fiance. it was someone else. so i told my roommates about it. amber was like "well my door was shut when i went to sleep and it was opened this morning" so she looked through her purse and her debit card was missing.
when i got home from school the police called to ask me abunch of questions. then about a 1/2 hour later they ask me to come down to the station. when i got there they told me about how the girls below us came home and found a guy in their apartment with the same description as what i had. then they had me go and look at the guy and i am 80% positive that it was him. im just not totally sure because i was basically asleep when i saw him and only the hallway light was on.
Talk about Scary!!
When i got home from the police station my mom called and talked to me for about 20 minutes. she said she is going to send me out pepper spray.

after school i went over to dylans who made me pancakes with peanut butter on them! yummmy! :-)

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:: 2005 1 February :: 5.37 pm
:: Mood: tired

saturday and sunday i worked. it was pretty slow both nights. saturday night i went clubbing in slc with dylan, vanna, and bryce. that was pretty good except i was really tired. sunday night some kids came over and chilled.

yesterday i went and gave plasma, i havnt gone in like two weeks! michelle and i dyled dylan's, kenyan's, derek's and ian's hair black. i took a pic and put it on
then bryce and some other kid came over so we all just hung out. dylan slept over. i did not want to wake up for school today. it was such a long i have to study for bio a lot because i have an exam tom.! ahhhh...thats gonna suck.

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:: 2005 29 January :: 1.11 pm
:: Mood: tired

so thursday night we watched blow. i love that movie, its so good. dylan and i began kissing. so we decided to go to my room. then we went to his place and slept over there.

yesterday i had math and financial accounting. we had a test in accounting...i got a 100!! wooo weeee...i was so excited when i got it back. after school i worked on biology for like 3 hours. that sucked. i made notes for the exam next week. around 10 a bunch of us went to a party at the apartment complex next to ours. there were a couple of russians there that i was talking to. one of them was from moscow so he told me all about it. ooooh i cant wait to go! everyone was drinking. after awhile we went back to emmy's place. we played quarters. a couple of us got hungry so we went to wendy's. dylan and i went back to his place to sleep.

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:: 2005 27 January :: 10.31 pm
:: Mood: content

the concert last night was soo good! it was up in park city at "the canyons" resort. it was really good. it was really cold in the beginning but later on it got hot. brando and a bunch of his friends tossed me up and i crowd surfed! it was so cool. i went from the back all the way to the front. i acidentally hit someone in the head with my foot...oops. so i stayed up front for awhile then i went back to brando and all his friends. then later on i got on this kids shoulder then he got on someone else's shoulder. i was so high up. it was crazy. the only thing that sucked was we had to wait like 40 minutes to get out of the parking lot. but we played music really loud and danced to it.

today i had an astronomy test which was way easy. i went to bio review from 6-7. i finally did my laundry today. i went over to chuck's apartment to study for financial accounting since we have a test tom. there is a bunch of people over here. we're going to watch a movie...

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