"Sometimes" I'm dreamin about tomorrow, I'm thinkin of yesterday, I consume myself in sorrow this moment in time is what I betray, I am searching for the answers I look around sometimes I get sad, 'Cause I don't know which way to go, I look around sometimes I get sad, 'Cause my life is spinning out of control I never know what you want, I never know what you need, it was different from the start, when you cut me in two I never thought I would bleed, but I am searching for the answers I look around sometimes I get sad, 'Cause I don't know which way to go, I look around sometimes I get sad, 'Cause my life is spinning out of control I will go this alone I don't need nobody's help, I've got to do this myself, Alone, Alone, Alone, Alone I look around sometimes I get sad, 'Cause I don't know which way to go, I look around sometimes I get sad, 'Cause my life is spinning out of control I look around sometimes I get sad, 'Cause I don't know which way to go, I look around sometimes I get sad, 'Cause my life is spinning out of control


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:: 2004 1 March :: 4.06 pm
:: Mood: Let's Kick this up a notch!!
:: Music: I listen to nothing!! HAHA?

BAM!! Emeril Style
Well i've been kinda adicted to saying things that Emeril would say. Like Bam or let's kick it up a notch. I'm not sure why. But i have. Anyway my telecom teacher was pissed like crazy on thursday. We did the morning announcements on wednesday for thursday sooo we got the worst of it. There was a Hawaiian dance on friday. We had a commercial for it. It had some kid dancing to techno music in it. But for some reason (and it was fine when we recorded it) The sound from the commercial didnt play. But what we did hear was the talents in the background commenting on the commercial. So what does one of them say? "Man That kid is so gay." Plain as fucking day. So we go back to them doing announcements and they act like nothing is wrong. Becuase they didnt know there was a prob;lem. No one did. So our second commercial comes up. It's for Black History Month. Same thing. This time though that other talent says, "This Black History Month commercial is stupid." Or something like that. So we got a raation of shit on thursday. We almost got him fired. Though i wasnt involved, it doesnt change anything. So now we are getting bitched at when it turns out that it wasnt even our fault. Someone had hit the audio dub. They figured ot out halfway through the second commercial. But its still our fault. So that's whats been going on.
Oh I think kelli broke up with Tom. I think. From what i gathered at lunch, he tried to let's say, "move the relationship forward" on three different occasions. And she wasnt going to take that. She isnt like that. Apparently he told her that she wasnt going to have any part of that. But he kept pressing so she broke up with him. I have no idea if this is the case but it deffinately seemed that way at lunch today. Anyway thats pretty much it. ttyl.

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:: 2004 17 February :: 10.21 pm
:: Mood: give me a four letter word for misery
:: Music: Hoobastank - Out Of Control

Why are all the important words four letters long? Love, pain, hope, fear, all four letters long. And you know whats sad? You can't feel one without the others. You can't love without being afraid that your hoing to lose that. You can't hope for a brighter future without killing yourself on the inside now. Always a balance. The way the universe was meant to be. Yin - Yang / Heaven - Hell / Man - Woman. All in balance. But why can't i just fell the good ones for once. It seems like my life isnt balanced. When im old and wrinkled i better be rich with a lot of hot old chicks around me and im this huge stud muffin that all the other guys wanna be. Becuase thats the onloy way to make up for all the shit ive had to live through so far. It all comes back to all the experiences in my life. I know a lot of people would de for my life. I know there are homeless people that can;t spell their own name becuase they dont know what it is. I know that. But i dont care. I just dont care anymore. All i care about is being the person i am now. And if that means that im depressed all the time then so be it. Becuase what reason do i have not to be? Please God give me a reason. For all the nights of prayer and years of faith, dont i get an explanation, and reason, an answer? Anything. Your God. How hard would it be to just say ok i can give this kid a reason. I can explain too him why he's feeling pain. Isn't that a father's job? You act all high and mighty but when it comes right down to it you can't finish what you start. You make us and then leave us. No comforting, no reasoning. you just throw us out into this world that you created. You try and take credit for making us your "chosen people". Sometimes i wonder if we're anymore "chosen" than any other creature. What do we get for being chosen. Wow we get minds and a sense of what's right and wrong. Thanks for that. In addition to not being able to change my shitty life, i get to realize how shitty it really it is. Just how wrong not being able to cure mysle fof this pain inside my heart is. But your God. You created us, you don't have to worry about doing anything becuase we wouldn't even be here if it wasnt for you. Sometimes i wonder if in all your perfection, you can imagine so much pain.. Was that your plan? Is this some lesson? Well don't bother reteqaching it. I think i'll use a homework pass thanks. Your not any better than us. You create and then you leave. you dont get to do that. So says me. Yeah thats right I say so. You can't back out of this one. I wont let you. i'm not sure how yet but i wont let you just leave me here without telling why im being allowed to feel all this pain. You can't back out. And as if all this want enough you took her away.

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:: 2004 11 February :: 9.14 pm
:: Mood: does it really matter?
:: Music: 24 - Switchfoot

I am the second man
Twenty four oceans
Twenty four skies
Twenty four failures
Twenty four tries
Twenty four finds me
In twenty-fourth place
Twenty four drop outs
At the end of the day
Life is not what I thought it was
Twenty four hours ago

Still I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
And I'm not who I thought I was twenty four hours ago
Still I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You

Twenty four reasons to admit that I'm wrong
With all my excuses still twenty four strong

See I'm not copping out not copping out not copping out
When You're raising the dead in me
Oh, oh I am the second man
Oh, oh I am the second man now
Oh, oh I am the second man now

And You're raising these twenty four voices
With twenty four hearts
With all of my symphonies
In twenty four parts
But I wan to be one today
Centered and true

I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
You're raising the dead in me
Oh, oh I am the second man
Oh, oh I am the second man now
Oh, oh I am the second man now
And You're raising the dead in me

I want to see miracles, see the world change
Wrestled the angel, for more than a name
For more than a feeling
For more than a cause
I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
And You're raising the dead in me
Twenty four voices
With twenty four hearts
With all of my symphonies
In twenty four parts.
I'm not copping out. Not copping out. Not copping out.

On monday i asked kelli to the dance. Figuring i should even though i had people telling me to wait. All her friends said that i should wait. We have a month 'til the dance. But i didnt want anyone to step in like last year. So i asked her. Her response. If i had asked on friday, she would have said yes. A guy named Tom asked her out this past weekend. He's cool i guess. i dont have long convos with him. but from what i remember of him, he's a pretty good guy. Though i never pictured him as kelli's type, but who am i to say who her type is? im thinking that relationship wont last long. And if it does that bites ass, but ive dealt with the things that bote major ass before. So what do i care really? Oh who am i kidding? I care a shitload. Fuck i hate life sometimes. I asked meegan today, to the dance i mean. She had recently broken up with her bf kevin. Both great for each other. Though meegan can be a little too flirty sometimes, she really cared about him. But he evidently wasnt happy for some reason. I figured id ask her as a friend, and she knew that when i did ask her. But she told me that she appreciates me looking after her like that or something along those lines, but she isnt really up for anything like that. And i can understand that. but now im stuck w.o a date and a promise that if i can't find a date, i'd go in drag. Well tickets go on sale for next week and next week only. MAJOR FUCKING PROBLEM. oh well. i'll think of something. I usually do.

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:: 2004 4 February :: 10.49 pm
:: Mood: gotta poop again
:: Music: Switchfoot - Meant to live

Man ive gott poop a lot/ ignorance
Ive been having to poop a lot lately, normally i can go a few days w/o having to go # 2. I really have no idea why im discussing my bowl movements in my journa. but hey, it's my journal.

Ok i dont know how we got on it but we were talking about abortions in english. We were debating The usual topics of Pro-life and Pro-choice. We were to tell as unbiased as possible, the bonuses to each. One kid said that a woman shouldn't have to have a baby if she's raped. My opinion also but we wont go there. But some dumbass behind me says that that shouldnt count since the "experts" say that "only like 1 in every 80,000 rape cases resssult in pregnancy." 2 thoughts popped into my mind immediately.
1)there is something wrong with our country if we are letting 80,000 rape cases happen.
2)that is the most ignorant bullshit i have ever heard. You can not be seriously trying to tell me that 1 in every 80,000 rape cases results in pregnancy and meaning it are you? Dude im sry it unfortunately happens a lot more than that. Shit head. Whatever experts your listening to need to kill themselves for being that stupid.

My pursonal opinion on the abortion issue, in all rape cases it is most definately pro-choice. In all cases it should be pro-choice to a degree. There is a point where there is a good chance that the baby can live outside the mother then that is murder. Up until the end of the 2nd trimester you should realize you are pregnant and have that abortion. After that it's murder. Come on ladies. I'm giving you 6 months to have this abortion. Granted that you dont know that your pregnant until a few weeks into it, but i dont thinks its that far of a stretch to think sex/rape = pregnancy test. So unless there are really weird circumstances, you have plenty of time. I'm done debating. If all you pro-choice and pro-life activists want to place a comment go for it. I'll just shoot you down becuase my way is the best. BLAAAH

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:: 2004 30 January :: 6.19 pm
:: Mood: I wanna die
:: Music: She Paints Me Blue - Something Corporate

If I were put on this earth to screw up then im doing my job
Once again im stuck. I'm not sure how to get out of this straight jacket that is my life. I can struggle all i want, but when it comes down to it, im weak. Pathetically weak. And of course i can't change. Even if i tried i would just be disappointed by the fact that i never will. It wont make a differance. When things start going good, i hit a wall it takes me months to get over. And right after i get over, i hit another. I just want to escape myself.
All I think about anymore is why i'm here. If there is some hidden purpose that im not fulfilling. Some truth that i have yet to see. I'm not sure i ever will. I feel every person is trapped in their own sort of maze. Always looking for the way out. To reach their potential. To realize their purpose in life. Well my maze is an everchanging one. Full of demons and monsters that would enjoy nothing more than to simply watch me stumble in the darkness. Tripping over my feelings and needs. Which are always in my way. Not allowing me to truly become anything more than a pathetic loser that can't see the end of the maze. It could be in my grasp but a wall will stop me. One i hadnt noticed before and couldnt anticipate. I can overcome a few. but sooner or later my will to contiue on wil break, and so will I. I'm starting to think that day is closer than i had originally thought. I know other go through these feelings. But idc. Knowing that other people have gone through this and come out of it alive doesnt change the fact that i can't see the light at the end of my pitch black tunnel

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:: 2004 25 January :: 10.12 pm
:: Mood: I really gotta poop, but thats not a mood
:: Music: When the night comes down - Tiger army

Are you lonely, Are you lonely?
Wow this is a really good song. Anyway Sorry i havent been updating i've been afraid too (i'll explain that all later)

On thursday i stayed after school with kelli and we painted Mr. Mitchell's room. He's had a mural on his wall thats been unpainted for the past 5 years. So since we make fun of him all the time we decided we owe him a little. But he's giving us extra credit for it. Not that we need anyway. We have the highest 2 averages in the class. But it was good to just hangout with her. I felt like a real dumbass. She is an amazing artist. Though she really doesnt paint murals, she can drawn like ive never seen. It's amazing. But all day and on friday too, she was saying ( in the most innocent and joking way possible) i love you. I know what some of you are thinking. "Yeah so what i say that all the time to my friends?" Well coming from Kelli it was odd. Only becuase she doesnt joke like that. Well at least she hasn't to me in the 1 1/2 or so that ive known her. And also i think ever since lauren love has had a different meaning, and noone has said i love you, even as a joke, to my face. So it just caught me off guard i guess. But this brings me to my next point. The reason why i am so scared to post on my journal. Supposedly the one person i did not want to have my journal has had it for a long time. Lauren if you have my journal get rid of the URL. I dont want you to know how i think. Since a lot of this journal is about you. Please just get rid of it. And if you dont have this now and you read this later i'm sorry. But if you are reading this now then i would like to thank you for lying to me.

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:: 2004 20 January :: 6.43 pm
:: Mood: fighting the urge to kill myself
:: Music: my own self loathing

Don't bother
If i have learned one thing in these past 2 weeks it's this: No matter how hard you push yourslef, no matter how hard you try, once you reach that brick wall that is inevitably going to stand in everyone's way, ther's nothing you can do about it. So dont bother. I will be honest and say that some of this was my fualt. I like to procrastinate. What teenage kid doesn't? But when it came time for me to sit down and work on my music video, i worked. So what happens. I have a power point presentation due. Out of the 4 other people in my group, noone did anything to help me. I was the only one that worked. No i'm behind in my music video, which is due this friday. I can't get a camera to shoot footage. I can't get on a comp to edit what i have. And everyone is blaming this on me. ME. Yeah cuz it's all my fualt that i had to do other projects for my group.

Another reason why i want to kill myself, kelli. Anyone that reads my journal had to see this one coming. I asked her out last year. She said she was getting over her bf and then a week later shes out with some other guy. Same fucking thing this year. She's already interested in this other guy and she told me to give her some time. Thanks bitch. It seems like every girl ive ever liked has lied to me, used me, or hurt me in some way. Why i have no idea. But im off to kill myself. If i can gather up the balls to do it.

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:: 2004 14 January :: 11.48 pm
:: Mood: pretty damn good.................BITCH!!!
:: Music: Story of the Year - Until the day i die

well i got an 1150 on the PSAT's so i can't complain. but they're changing it for when we take it. a third section will be added so instead of it being out of 1600, it's out of 2400. I got a 1770 with the new section in. It's writing. gtg write more later i hope

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:: 2004 7 January :: 10.39 pm
:: Mood: Come near me i'll fuck you up kinda mood
:: Music: Slipknot - People = shit

People equals shit
I have decided that I hate my life. Though I probably wont feel this way tomorrow because this assumption has been brought on by the fact that I’m so fucking mad. Track was hell. I pushed myself so fucking hard today. Coach told us that we had to run inside today since it’s about 25 degrees here. Fine. But If you didn’t know, running inside gives you really bad shin splints. Especially if it’s a hard, tile surface. There were at least 4 guys that tried to get out of practice today because they had shin splints. Which are sharp pains in your shin that hurt when u walk. Well you lazy fucks, i have em too. I don’t care if this is your first year. I’m telling you that it’s a part of track. You get used to them. See this is why I didn’t want to join a sport. But my fucking parents are all about having a “well-rounded” son so that when I go looking for colleges in a year or so, I have a good “well-rounded” application thing. DAMN!!!!! Well anyway back to the practice from hell. I’m not the fastest runner in the world. In fact im one of the slowest kids on the team. That has never mattered to me. I didn’t want to be there anyway. But when I have kids that I know are faster than me running slower and not pushing themselves nearly as much as I am pushing myself, then there is a fucking problem. I have the same problems that they do. Im going through the same fucking things that they are. Yet im out there. Running my ass off. Are they? Oh of course not. They’re shins hurt. I don’t see why coach doesn’t kick them off the team.

I was watching the news today. Not out of my own choice. My dad had it on while we were eating dinner. And it wasn’t ordinary news either. It was Entertainment Tonight. And what were the top stories?

1)Britney Spears’ Ex-husband in a “fight club style brawl” - What an extreme waste of my God damn time. I hate the bitch. I hope she dies. She is the hopes and dreams of every slut in the world. You know she just got married for the sex. She was horny after all those years of barely wearing anything all the time. So she just married this guy so she could have sex, because she doesn’t want anyone to actually know she’s a slut. Sorry to burst your bubble Britney, but everyone knows. It’s why all those pathetic wiggers and perverts are wacking off to you at their homes every chance they can. That’s why Hillary Duff idolizes you. There’s another person that needs to die. Every guy I know thinks that she’s the hottest chick ever. She’s just the latest of a long line of sluts that will have the ability to make almost every straight guy in the world drool over how “incredibly hot” she is.

2)The Michael Jackson Investigation - Who cares? Even if he did somehow manage to molest this kid in the first place, what does have to do with the lives of most of the pathetic losers watching that show? NOTHING Why report on something like that? Another point I would like to make while im on the topic, why is everything on the news about this house burned down and that man was mugged? Damn it people. You complain how much this world is full of pain and suffering when you don’t bother to even consider, let alone applaud, the few accomplishments we have made in the past 5,000 some odd years that we’ve been on this dirtball. Im not saying that I don’t think that aren’t problems out there that need fixing, but when everything on the news is pain and suffering, it’s no surprise that so many people are suicidal. Hell after writing all this, I feel suicidal. Michael is ugly and we shouldn’t be so preoccupied by this washed up musician’s life. If you do follow it, then it just means that you are unable to come up with your own sense of person and that you only follow this trial because you want to feel a sense of purpose and meaning. You want to create an identity based on those of others. And your even more pathetic for it.

3)Britney Spears switches religions on the request of Madonna. Yeah cuz that slut from the 80’s knows whole load of things about religion “Taking your clothes off is a good way to express one’s inner shakra.” I consider myself pretty upbeat on world events. But I have never heard of this new religion. How much do you wanna bet she made it up based on some other religion she heard about. Now some cult is gonna form in the middle of Alabama, since nothing happens in Alabama. And then everyone is going to become members of this new fangled religion. Even the fucking Pope is going to convert. He’s not necessarily going to do it because he believes. He’s gonna do it because the Catholic Church is based on the idea of power and money. All because Britney married and fucked this guy she knew. See what I mean about this country taking way too much interest in it’s celebrities?


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:: 2003 31 December :: 11.04 pm
:: Mood: bored out the ass
:: Music: Y100's top 100 songs of 2003!!

Fuck New Years
I swear if i hear 1 more fucking person say happy new year, idc where they live, they're getting an ass beating like they have never received before. I'm sick of hearing it.

Y100's Top 100 of 2003
1) The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (they annoy me - the only band that shouldn't be on here)
2) Evanescence – Bring Me To Life
3) Audioslave – Like A Stone
4) Foo Fighters – Times Like These
5) Blink 182 – Feeling This
6) Queens of The Stone Age – No One Knows
7) Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong
8) Coldplay – The Scientist
9) The Ataris – The Boys of Summer
10) Trapt – Headstrong
11) Good Charlotte – The Anthem (wait these guys suck ass too)
12) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t Stop
13) Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl
14) Staind – So Far Away
15) Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down
16) 311 – Creatures (For A While)
17) Chevelle – Send The Pain Below
18) Coldplay – Clocks
19) Smile Empty Soul – Bottom Of A Bottle
20) The White Stripes – The Hardest Button To Button (twice?)
21) Audioslave – Show Me How To Live
22) Fuel – Falls On Me
23) Radiohead – There There
24) Nickelback – Someday
25) Linkin Park – Numb
26) Saliva – Always
27) A.F.I. – Girl’s Not Grey
28) A Perfect Circle – Weak & Powerless
29) The Offspring – Hit That
30) Chevelle – The Red
31) Queens of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow
32) 3 Doors Down – When I’m Gone
33) Dave Matthews – Gravedigger
34) Jane’s Addiction – Just Because
35) Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Zephyr Song
36) Good Charlotte – Girls & Boys (AHH)
37) Seether – Fine Again (in the words of my wannabe black friends - YEAH BOI!!)
38) Hot Hot Heat – Bandages
39) Linkin Park – Faint
40) Three Days Grace – (I Hate) Everything About You
41) Disturbed – Remember
42) The Strokes – 12:51
43) Live – Heaven
44) Audioslave – Cochise
45) The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love
46) Trapt – Still Frame
47) Radiohead – Go To Sleep
48) The Starting Line – Best of Me
49) 3 Doors Down – Here Without You
50) Thursday – Signals Over The Air
51) The Roots – The Seed 2.0
52) Audioslave – I Am The Highway
53) Finch – What It Is To Burn
54) Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom
55) Velvet Revolver – Set Me Free
56) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dosed
57) The Transplants – Diamonds & Guns
58) Godsmack – Serenity
59) Good Charlotte – The Yound And The Hopeless (Ishkabibble?)
60) Taproot – Poem
61) Foo Fighters – Low
62) System of A Down – Chic N Stu
63) Evanescence – Going Under
64) Sum 41 – Still Waiting
65) P.O.D. – Will You
66) The Ataris – In This Diary
67) CKY – Attached At The Hip
68) Switchfoot – Meant To Live (quite possibly the greatest song i have ever read)
69) Deftones – Minerva
70) Iggy Pop – Little Know It All
71) The Used – Buried Myself Alive
72) Puddle of Mudd – Away From Me
73) Rancid – Fall Back Down
74) Godsmack – Straight Out Of Line
75) Coldplay – Moses
76) Staind – Price To Play
77) A.F.I. – The Leaving Song, Part 2
78) Nickelback – Figured You Out
79) Alkaline Trio – We’ve Had Enough
80) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Fortune Faded
81) P.O.D. – Sleeping Awake
82) The Donnas – Take It Off
83) Brand New – The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
84) Incubus – Megalomaniac
85) Metallica – St. Anger
86) Stone Temple Pilots – All In The Suit That You Wear
87) Story Of The Year – Until The Day I Die (why #87?)
88) Seether – Driven Under
89) Hoobastank – Out of Control
90) Less Than Jake – The Science of Selling Yourself Short
91) Staind – How About You
92) Cold – Stupid Girl
93) Something Corporate – Space
94) Sum 41 – The Hell Song
95) Korn – Right Now
96) Zwan – Honestly
97) Yellowcard – Way Away (my boiss - westside g dogs!!)
98) Pete Yorn – Come Back Home
99) Thrice – All That’s Left
100) Burning Brides – Arctic Snow

Album of the Year
1) Linkin Park - Meteora
2) Audioslave - Audioslave
3) 311 - Evolver
4) Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
5) Evanescence - Fallen

Lamest Record of the Year
1) Clay Aiken - Measure of a Man
2) Metallica - St. Anger
3) Limp Bizkit - Results May Vary

Best New Artist
1) Audioslave
2) Evanescence
3) Trapt

Artist of the Year
1) Coldplay
2) Linkin Park
3) Fuel
4) Audioslave
5) 311

Best Music Video
1) Fountains of Wayne- Stacy’s Mom
2) Coldplay- The Scientist
3) The White Stripes- Seven Nation Army

Best Tour
1) Lollapalooza (Jane’s Addiction/Audioslave/QOTSA)
2) Warped Tour (Rancid/Ataris/Used/Starting Line)
3) Summer Sanitarium (Metallica/Linkin Park/Limp Biz)

Best Y100 Concert
1) Y100 FEASTival 2003
2) Y100 FEZtival 2003
3) Y100 We Bring the Rock To You with Blink 182

Best Sonic Session
1) Dashboard Confessional
2) Radiohead
3) Thursday

Most Emo-licious Frontman
1) Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional
2) Joel from Good Charlotte
3) Kenny from the Starting Line

Band/Artist That Should Die a Horrible Death
1) Limp Bizkit (Fred Durst)
2) Creed
3) Britney Spears

American Idol That Should Die a Horrible Death
1) Clay Aiken
2) Justin Guarini
3) Ruben Studdard

Casey’s Best Stunt
1) Shot With 1000 Paint Balls
2) Beer Bonging His Own Urine
3) Brazilian Wax

Funniest Steve Morrison Impression
1) Michael Jackson
2) Regis Philbin
3) Arnold Schwartzenegger

Hottest Philly’s Hottest
1) Bartender
2) Teacher
3) Secretary

Best Movie
1) Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
2) Pirates of the Caribbean
3) Finding Nemo

Worst Movie
1) From Justin to Kelly
2) Gigli
3) Hulk

Best TV Show (Drama)
1) The O.C.
2) CSI
3) 24

Best TV Show (Comedy)
1) The Simpsons
2) Friends
3) Scrubs

Best Reality Show
1) Queer Eye For The Straight Guy
2) The Osbournes
3) Fear Factor

Best Reality Dating Show
1) Average Joe
2) Bachelor/Bachelorette
3) Joe Millionaire

Best Comedy Central Show
1) South Park
2) SNL Re-Runs
3) Daily Show

Best MTV Show
1) Viva La Bam
2) Punk’d
3) Cribs

Best Punk’d
1) Justin Timberlake
2) Fez from That 70’s Show
3) Travis from Blink 182

Funniest “I Love The 80’s” Commentator
1) None - They’re All Annoying
2) Michael Ian Black
3) Hal Sparks

Best Infomercial
1) Girls Gone Wild “Doggy Style”
2) Alzair (Penis Enlargement)
3) Chef Tony’s Knives

Most Infamous Celebrity Moment
1) Michael Jackson Charged with Molestation
2) Paris Hilton Sex Tape
3) Kobe Charged With Sexual Assult

Favorite Celebrity Couple
1) Chris Martin of Coldplay & Gwenyth Paltrow
2) Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
3) Heather Mitts & AJ Feeley

Most Annoying Celebrity Couple
1) Bennifer (Ben Affleck & J.Lo.)
2) Fred Durst & Himself
3) Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

Best Showing of Celebrity Skin
1) Paris Hilton
2) Britney Spears
3) Christina Aguilera

Celebrity Who Will Do The Most Time
1) None - They’ll All Get Off
2) Michael Jackson
3) Robert Blake

Coolest Old Guy
1) Blue from Old School
2) Jack Nicholson
3) Hugh Hefner

Worst Actor Turned Musician
1) Screech (Dustin Diamond)
2) Corey Feldman
3) Macho Man Randy Savage

Biggest Druggie
1) Courtney Love
2) Ozzy
3) Scott Weiland

Celebrity We’ll Miss The Most
1) John Ritter
2) Johnny Cash
3) Fred Rogers

Most Annoying Country
1) France
2) Iraq
3) United States

Best Way To Break Up
1) Face to Face
2) Preston & Steve’s Love You/Hate You Line
3) Instant Message

Best Game System
1) Playstation 2
2) Xbox
3) Nintendo GameCube

Phavorite Philly Sports Team
1) Eagles
2) Phillies
3) Flyers

Favorite Local News
1) 6 ABC Action News
2) NBC 10 News
3) Fox 10 O’clock News/Good Day Philadelphia

Hottest News Anchor/Weather/Traffic Woman
1) Cecily Tynan (6 ABC)
2) Alycia Lane (CBS 3)
3) Tracy Davidson (NBC 10)

Hottest News Anchor/Weather/Traffic Man
1) Glen “Hurricane” Schwartz (NBC 10)
2) Tim Lake (NBC 10)
3) Rick Williams (6 ABC)

Phavorite Phat Philadelphian
1) Phil Margera
2) Andy Reid
3) John Kruk

Best Local Cover Band
1) Mr. Greengenes
2) Split Decision
3) Lima Bean Riot

Best Local Original Band (Unsigned)
1) Octane
2) Stargazer Lily
3) Arms of Orion

Best Local Original Band (Signed)
1) The Starting Line
2) The Roots
3) CKY

Most Scandalous Local Scandal
1) John Street Investigation
2) Hoagie-Gate
3) Monica Malpass Affair

Phavorite Philly Newspaper
1) Inquirer
2) Daily News
3) City Paper

Best Cheesesteak
1) Pat’s
2) Gino’s
3) Jim’s

Favorite Bridge (Best Way Out of Jersey)
1) Ben Franklin
2) Walt Whitman
3) Commodore Barry


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