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:: 2008 14 April :: 1.06 am

okay, i'm kinda freaking out, i've called her twice in the past hour, voice mail each time.

i'm so worried about her right now. I wish you would just call me and let me know your okay.

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:: 2005 29 April :: 12.08 pm

Fee's for the GED test are as follows

Grand rapids tech: testing times 2004-2005 mon tues wed 8:30 am, 3:30 PM 6PM no price

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:: 2005 27 April :: 1.29 pm

Its a pain in the ass having friends live with you.
They are always there, i dont know what to do you know?
Gah, he doesn't have a job, so he's got no money and he's always here, what do i do?
i dont want to kick him out and be an asshole about it, but on the otherhand its not like he doesn't have a place to go.

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:: 2004 11 May :: 8.29 pm

i feel like i want to be some where right now.

(edit i just noticed that i posted the last one a year ago today)

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:: 2003 11 May :: 1.17 pm

i have been thinking alot lately, I really wish that i could be somwhere else right now....

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:: 2002 28 December :: 12.45 pm

well now i think i fell for somone, I really like her alot but there is a big distance between us and i don't know if she likes me like that

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:: 2002 19 December :: 10.27 pm

Idea 1...get new journal...try and find it this time

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:: 2002 19 December :: 6.43 pm

foo fighters - all my life
I don't feel as close to this one as i should, I guess i don't feel really comfortiable around her or somthing, When we are together it just seems weird...i duno.... i'm outtie

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:: 2002 18 December :: 10.14 pm

To much pressure.....I'm going to explode....I want to run, I want to hide......I need to escape

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:: 2002 25 November :: 6.12 pm
:: Music: wheatus teenage dirtbag

wow, back again, The joys of pain, heh, Some girls like me, some don't, Oh well, Life goes on, I need a real life, I need a job and such, All the shit going on i don't know what i'm gonna do.....*sigh* life sucks

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:: 2002 12 November :: 7.51 pm

Wow, I havn't talked to amy in awhile, Its kinda sad, I realy like her, But i think she still kinda likes jake, I don't know what to do anymore, Oh well, I'm changing my picture again

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:: 2002 12 November :: 3.33 pm

okay this is supposed to be a secreat journal, but someone told my little fucking brother about it.....Looks like i need to make a new one, good luck finding it

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:: 2002 9 November :: 8.44 pm

i feel so alone, So lost, I need a map or a flashlight or somthing, Sombody show me the way, I need a light, The darkness is clouding my mind

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:: 2002 4 November :: 7.08 pm

i went to her house today, it was kinda fun, We got to break stuff, i've got a good fortune this week :D Well anyways, I'm gonna go now later

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:: 2002 3 November :: 8.01 pm

I'm bored right now, my kneese hurt, I've been shot

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