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:: 2016 21 October :: 7.58 pm

All day I was making myself physically ill with worry. Just what I did the last time I delivered this news only much worse this time.


:: 2016 18 October :: 11.38 am

Just because I can 'deal' with short-term loneliness does not mean I can handle it in the long-term. If I so choose, I'm not sure I could. Boredum is what eats me up. No one there, no one to talk to or do things with, it would suck.


:: 2016 16 October :: 9.51 pm

I can feel the walls closing in. They're soft but dense. They're slowly suffocating me.

I can't get out... I can't get out... I can't breathe in this. I'm going to die.


:: 2016 11 October :: 9.47 pm

I cannot get over how ignorant others can be. This election has brought out the worst in people, including me. It's hard to see the humanity behind an image you see on the internet... but I feel like I cannot be kind to others when they are so bigoted, sexist, and wrong IMO.


:: 2016 8 October :: 11.05 pm

Anna is always going to be my friend. She is always there for me. She may hurt my feelings sometimes unintentionally, but I know she would never do it with any malice. She always makes the effort to text when I'm away or see me when I'm home. She is fine going out or staying in or spending money or doing whatever, so long as it's with me. She only wants the best for me. She only wants my happiness.

She is what friendship means to me. I have been very fortunate to have her in my life. Best friends, the people you really want to love, will sometimes disagree with you and get into arguments with you, but they will always be there at the end of the day, in your corner, cheering you on. I have 6 of those. But she's that for me, most of all.

Friends are family you choose.


:: 2016 7 October :: 11.03 pm

Gotta let go.


:: 2016 31 August :: 2.09 pm

Bye, Felicia.


:: 2016 2 August :: 1.36 pm

Holy shit. Uh oh.


:: 2016 20 July :: 11.26 pm



:: 2016 16 July :: 9.16 am

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