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User:greyXmatter (user# 16267)
Location: Hope, New Jersey, United States
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Bio:I'm Casey, I'm sixteen years old, and I'm a freshman at Belvidere High School. I'm a freshman simply because I was held back two years ago. It has nothing to do with my IQ or my stupidity, it was just that year was an extremely... extremely rough year for me. I live on a farm in Hope, with lots of animals, because what's a farm without animals? Horses, miniature horses, lots of chickens, lots of guinea hens, lots of geese, a bull, rabbits, cats, and dogs. I started bull riding in April of 2004 at Sankey Rodeo Schools in Penrose, Colorado. It took me years and years of convincing my mom that I actually wanted to do this. I've wanted to do it since I was a little kid. Finally my mom agreed that a school taught by a 4 time NFR qualifier in three events, (Saddle Bronc, Bareback Bronc, and Bull Riding) was a reliable source. So, me being a late starter, I'm a little behind than most 16 year old bull riders. I'm getting there, though! Now I'm raising a Holstein bull calf (What a breed choice, huh?! Haha) To use as practice. I'm also beginning practice sessions every Friday at Edgewood Valley Farms in Nazarath, PA. As for my personality, I'm a fairly respectable person if you get on my good side. If you're ... blatantly dumb, stupid, a proud slut or whore, a hotshot, a cocky ass mother fucker, or anything similar to that criteria, I probably won't like you very much. I'm actually a lot more sensitive than people precieve me to be, and I cry so easily that it's rediculous. If ever I'm frustrated, or feel that I've failed in making myself or others happy, I'll have a complete nervous breakdown.
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