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User:lovelykittykat16 (user# 7330)
Location: Clear Lake, up your ass, United States
Information:18/f/Tx, born in Missouri, i love soccer, Theater, Bike riding, bowling, my friends, hott men, ((my friend says, Jewish Boys, hes jewish)), and kick ball!!!! i love talking on the phone and surfing the net, i hate school, uhm and i uhm......dunno what else. i love original kinds of people and the preppyness SUCKS!!! I also am in deep love with my guy, even if he really isnt my guy, his name is Brady and i love him with all my heart and i always will....
Friends:(5) Brad, eddy, lovelykittykat16, skife, Tesunai
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Watched By:(2) bigty623, lovelykittykat16
Interests:(57) Acting, adam sandler., Aerosmith, afi, Alanis Morisette, Alkaline Trio, authority zero, benefit, bikes, blink 182, boys, Boys, Brady, cars, chevelle, Christina Agularia, Deftones, distillers, Disturbed, dream, drowning pool, Eminem, evanescence, finch, GC, Girls, Green day, Jessica,, less than jake, lfo, linkin park, m2m, mc chris, mest, michelle branch, Mudvayne, nickleback, Nirvana, Non-Preppyness, Original, Papa Johns, phone, red hot chilli peppers, simple plan, singing, soccer, sports, Stacie Orrico, sum 41, system of the down, The Offspring, theater, three doors down, trucks, wakefield, walking, Women
Created:>2003-06-22 10:12:06
Last Update:04 10 2006
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