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User:makhan (user# 24125)
Name:Mr. Jack
Location: Vancouver, Washington
AOL IM:EricMakhan [add buddy]
Bio:My name is Eric Makhanov. I tend to be eccentric, and found wanting.
Friends:(7) Aaron, ExposeTheEmo, independenttruckergrl, lillypad, Makhan, shalee, shroudofrain
Friend Of:(3) aaron, homsar, Makhan
Interests:(40) pens, power, Altoid candy and mints, Altoid gum, Arm bands, At.the.Drive.In, belt buckels, Big Momma, books, dancing, Denny, German, guns, Guns-N-Roses, I'm going to add as I go, internet, iPod, Linux, money, more coming eventually, music, Music, NIN, paintballing, patches, piano, politics, rock, S.O.A.D., safety pins, school, shoes, sleeping, Slipknot, soccer, Till, Tux, women, Woohu, ya
Created:2005-02-26 02:56:08
Last Update:03 26 2009
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