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User:michellestar (user# 14861)
Location: Queens, New York, United States
Bio:This was story of a Michigan-grown girl
turned Forensic Scientist
living in New York City
on a never-ending quest
to capture the world.

Someday when I'm gone, this is the place you will come.

Spunky looks good in her bright red wig
eating chocolate chip mint ice cream
a cat named Lola with a violent past
is balled-up asleep 'cross her knees
and it's a free-for-all
free-for-all, free-for-all
it's a free-for-all you and me
one day the world will be ready for you
and wonder how they didn't see

Spunky knows she can save the world
in her own little way
turning in her old uniform
'cause you know it really didn't pay
'cause it's a free-for-all
free-for-all, free-for-all
it's a free-for-all you and me
i'll walk through the world with your name on my tongue
and your picture etched on my screen

October 18th 2003 - October 18th 2010

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Created:2003-10-18 11:42:45
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