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:: 2004 1 September :: 9.20 pm

I really really hate it when people snoop around and read your journal behind your back..sometimes, it makes me want to scream.. I really hate that..
Especially when THEIR journal is completely protected and you can't read it unless you're the writer..mine was candid until the trust was broken. Just because I was looking at it when I was getting poems for the poetry reading DOES NOT authorize you to read my inner most private feelings..Tit for tat is also not an excuse.. I don't give a shit.
Don't fucking do it again..

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:: 2004 27 August :: 3.06 pm

I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your nosey ass out of my journal!
You know who you are..

Poets Dream..

:: 2004 24 May :: 1.27 am

The Summer

Drops of morning dew gathered on your lashes
As you lay amongst the wild flowers.
Trillium and pasque crushed
Beneath golden curls.
Your cheeks were rosey
Like freshly plucked peaches and
Your lips in virgin perfection.
Unstirred and unmoved you lay
In the bliss of innocence and youth.
Persephone, did you pick the pomegrante?
Were the deathly crimson innards comparable to the apples of Eden?
Yet still you lay in shrouded mystery
Amongst the wildflowers;
An ageless, timeless, beauty.

Poets Dream..

:: 2004 9 May :: 7.47 pm

No matter what I may say
No matter what I may do
I can never ever get my feelings
Through to you.
What do I have to do
To prove this to you?
How can I show you my love? How can I show you how I hurt?
What would I do without you?
But what would I do with you?
I can't leave but I feel compelled
To journey for a new life
But since I love you
I will stay with you until you realize how
Much I hurt.

Poets Dream..

:: 2004 3 April :: 2.40 am
:: Mood: aggravated

Please don't come so close
Touching me with your soft fingers
You could be gone forever
Leaving me lonely always

Please don't bring me flowers
They only remind me of summer days
Come and gone
Making me want to be close to you always

Please don't say such things
Such simple words
For love is blind
And can never see the truth.

This is a poem I wrote about my past relationship with Chris..he used to be such a nice guy..then he started to cheat on me..get suspicious/jealous and angry..we'd fight and I'd tell him that I never wanted to see him again. He'd come over, crying with flowers or something and tell me he was sorry and that he could change..but he never did..and he kept hurting me and hurting me..

Poets Dream..

:: 2004 3 April :: 2.37 am
:: Mood: stressed

Be not the tempest to my heart
But bring me thy honey kiss
A'midst the diamonds of the night
Be now calm waters
Carrying a weary ship

Thy beacon calls to me
Far across the foggy horizon
My hand outstretched to thine
Rock me in thy gentle waters
And bring me comfort in thy gaze.

I love this poem. I got the inspiration for it while I was on the ferry one night, coming home from Philip's.

Poets Dream..

:: 2004 29 March :: 12.24 am
:: Mood: melancholy

"Us" by Susan Schmitt
Sweet, soft cologne
A waft past my nostrils
I remember your face, the sun
Gentle as feathers,
Naked vulnerable skin, sticking close
Your hand, destiny
Teasing my curls and whispering the words of lovers
Green, green grass
White sheets and fireworks of summer
The brownies and gummi bears swing together
ignored, yet close to my heart
I am much too distracted with the dreams of fools

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